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Melanie Martinez Facts by madcrybaby13
Melanie Martinez Factsby gabbie
These are basically just random facts I know about Melanie. **Sorry if any facts are repeated** Cover made by @halseysbabe
|| ♡K-12♡ || Crybaby x Reader by thatCutesyPie
|| ♡K-12♡ || Crybaby x Readerby ahopelessfangirl
You, (Y/n), are a quiet and reserved girl- outcasted by your peers and unwelcomed by many people because of your sexuality, and mainly because you aren't sane like all t...
The Adventures Of Sharkboy, Mer-Maiden, And Lavagirl by Vicky_in_the_house
The Adventures Of Sharkboy, Vicky_in_the_house
This movie was a big part of my childhood, but am I the only one that had a super big crush on Sharkboy/Taylor Lautner? Anyways, I thought that I would like to and an 'x...
They call me Crybaby by littlebodybbigheart
They call me Crybabyby Littlebodybigheart
This is a more further look into crybaby's life and into her songs of her daily life. Hope you enjoy it 🤍✨
Melanie Martinez  pictures☆ completed  by typicalpetrova
Melanie Martinez pictures☆ WinterKitsune
Photos & Updates of Melanie Martinez {completed}
DollHouse - Melanie Martinez Fanfiction by _crybabyaplier_
DollHouse - Melanie Martinez Cry Baby💧
It was just a normal year for Melanie, that was until her parents divorced and she and her mother were forced to move. Something isnt right about her new house. The hous...
Melanie Martinez - Quotes And Lyrics by _crybabyaplier_
Melanie Martinez - Quotes And Cry Baby💧
All different kinds of quotes from Melanie Martinez and her songs. I will also add lyrics and occasionally some facts about her and her life. If your a huge crybaby fan...
Dollhouse by SupernaturalGirls990
Dollhouseby The Two J's
~In which a group of people get trapped in Crybaby's Dollhouse.
Cry Baby Storybook by 1-800-FANGIRL
Cry Baby Storybookby whatreyoufuckingay
Just some poems that I wrote for the Cry Baby album
- Melanie Martinez Facts - by ThatChick1983
- Melanie Martinez Facts -by Facts Central
Hi! I am a big fan of Melanie Martinez, so what better way to show my love of her than making a Mel fact book. ~ I hope you like this book. Vote for more facts. Comment...
Crybaby by avrileye
Crybabyby avrileye
Mel was just a girl living her life, til the day....
Cry Baby Lyrics by MelsDollhouse
Cry Baby Lyricsby Melanie Adele Martinez
Cry Baby Tracklist: 1 - Cry Baby 2 - Dollhouse 3 - Sippy Cup 4 - Carousel 5 - Alphabet Boy 6 - Soap 7 - Training Wheels 8 - Pity Party 9 - Tag, You're It 10 - Milk and C...
Melanie Martinez Song Lyrics by XxEloni_The_EmojixX
Melanie Martinez Song Lyricsby Chocolate baby✊🏾👄