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The Mafia King 1 by M_Chow_xo
The Mafia King 1by 𝓶.𝓬 ♡
{Completed} Marcus King is the most feared mafia leader in the world. He is powerful, arrogant, cold hearted, rich and mouthwatering-ly handsome. Not to mention, he is...
Never Worry About Me (girlxgirl) (teacherxstudent) by AmarisKeifer
Never Worry About Me (girlxgirl) ( Amaris Keifer
Book #1: Never Worry About Me (girlxgirl) Book #2: My Guardian Angel (girlxgirl) Angelica is a Christian girl who believes that there is good in everything and everyone...
Accidents Happen by avengerofyourheart
Accidents Happenby avengerofyourheart
[Bucky x Reader] Summary: Reader is accident prone, comes from a sheltered background, and has been with the Avengers almost a year when Steve finds Bucky and brings hi...
Can't be tamed- a Naruto fanfiction by Babywolf-Lover
Can't be tamed- a Naruto fanfictionby Babywolf-lover
THERE IS A REVISED VERSION POSTED! Summary: When Naru turned 8 years old, she was beaten horribly and tried to die but Kurama didn't allow her, instead he took over and...
The Mafia King 2 by M_Chow_xo
The Mafia King 2by 𝓶.𝓬 ♡
{On Going} «book two of The Mafia King series; William & Emily's story» E m i l y K i n g had never had the courage to go back to the Andrews mansion after managing t...
Masked Heart (Yandere Seto Kaiba x reader) by christianna18
Masked Heart (Yandere Seto Kaiba christianna sarakou
Seto Kaiba always had two things in his mind, keeping his company on top and keeping himself on top. However when a shy yet mysterious girl appears he finds himself seek...
A Rider's Story by no_youcantreadthis
A Rider's Storyby Dragon Writer
"Hiccup and his friend, Toothless, are known as Loki's Loyals, Twins Of Danger, or Loki's Spawns, all across the Barbaric Archipelago and beyond. They set out to fi...
Homeward by S0mBoDee
Homewardby Angus Chow
It has been 1247 years since the death of humanity. The world is healing, curious new civilisations populate the cities of old. Sarah and Gawain, children of archaeologi...
More than I thought (A SansXReader FanFiction) by baby_dont_hurt_me
More than I thought (A what is love?
+#1 on "sansxreader" *Wattys 2019 nominee* You are a young adult, and somehow, you have been through a lot. You already know when to be careful and where to be...
Spark (Ereri) by BrightEyesEren
Spark (Ereri)by ☆ Inactive ☆
It's known through out the world that everyone was meant to have a soul mate; however, you'd only know who when you've finally met them by touch. From the slightest cont...
Save Point (Sans x Reader) by JuniperJoy101
Save Point (Sans x Reader)by 🍑 Peachy 🍑
(Sans × Gender-Neutral! Parent! Reader || Slow Burn) Moving from a backwater town to a city bustling with human and monsterfolk alike, some things begin to change both f...
It's Not That Easy by HollisMayer
It's Not That Easyby HollisMayer
Complete. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.' No truer words have ever been spoken, and Addyson Grace Coulter Mills is proof of that. She lived alone in Boston...
How I fell in love with the Mafia leader by Liloandstitch29
How I fell in love with the oof
Bakugou has always been sneaking around in the shadows and I never knew why. Until that one night where I thought it would would go like a normal date or fake one anyway...
Trouble in Paradise by ReyloPrincess123
Trouble in Paradiseby FlowerPower
If there was one word to describe Teddi Hart's seventeen years of life it would be shitty; her parents' divorce was shitty, her friends are shitty, her college aspects a...
part three kilLer x nigHtmare by ya_boi_ricekrispies
part three kilLer x nigHtmareby ya_boi_ricekrispies
**Lemon warning** pregnant + birth = child
Karin: The Demon Sleeping Within (girlxgirl) by AmarisKeifer
Karin: The Demon Sleeping Within ( Amaris Keifer
Book 1: Karin: The Demon Sleeping Within (girlxgirl) Book 2: **TBD** Shunned by society, a girl who is accused of worshiping Satania, lives her daily life isolating hers...
Papilon Vs O'Connor (ENOCH × OC) by DepressingPancakes
Papilon Vs O'Connor (ENOCH × OC)by Hoiley
Amethyst Papilon enters the loop just weeks before Jacob Portman. She's weak, scared and traumatised after the destruction of her old loop. Taken under the wing of Miss...
Cursed // Fitzsimmons by jemmasimmons4
Cursed // Fitzsimmonsby Fitzsimmons Trash
Fitz said they were cursed. He was right. _________________________________ Post 3x08. I think Hydra is after Jemma now, so this is what happens when Ward finds her. Mai...
Bloodfire - A Different Virus Spinoff by Viupcake
Bloodfire - A Different Virus Vio Hiortdahl
I remember the day I first heard of them. I was driving my van with my mother in the passenger seat. The news channel was playing over the radio. The current story was s...
𝔗𝔥𝔢 𝔅𝔬𝔯𝔡𝔢𝔯 𝔬𝔣 𝔇𝔢𝔞𝔱𝔥 (新加謁ス) by Onesheart101
𝔗𝔥𝔢 𝔅𝔬𝔯𝔡𝔢𝔯 𝔬𝔣 𝔇𝔢𝔞𝔱� 𝔜𝔲𝔯𝔦
Dying isn't easy. Especially when you have to save your brother from becoming a blood thirsty demon. Akiara Himura was a very fortunate girl. She had almost everything s...