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I have something to tell you  (Tododeku) COMPLETED by PeppitoIsCute
I have something to tell you (Tod...by _lovingyaoi_
Midoriya has developed a massive crush on Todoroki but doesn't want to tell him how he feels in fear of being rejected.But one day Toodoroki says he has something very i...
Sudden Parent...[MHA Fanfic] by CrazyCollector
Sudden Parent...[MHA Fanfic]by Crazy Collector
On the way from school, our green hair protagonist, Izuku Midoriya walks home with injuries from his childhood-turn-bully,kacchan and feeling down by but soon manages to...
𝐼𝑁 𝑀𝑌 𝐹𝐸𝐸𝐿𝐼𝑁𝐺𝑆 ↻ 𝐵𝑁𝐻𝐴 by yoriixgu
In The Pit Of Hell Villan Deku by ANIMEQUEEN2055
In The Pit Of Hell Villan Dekuby anime is dope😍
?What would happened if midoriya never meet almight or got his Quirk from him ?what would happen if instead of being with hero's he was on the side of the villains and...
Fated Colors: A Tododeku Bnha Soulmate AU by HastheBoss
Fated Colors: A Tododeku Bnha Soul...by HastheBoss
Izuku Midoriya has never been able to see the colors red and white. In a world where you can't see the color of you soulmates hair until you meet them, Izuku has been bu...
The Corrupted...[MHA Fanfic] by CrazyCollector
The Corrupted...[MHA Fanfic]by Crazy Collector
Izuku Midoriya,a pure and innocent woman with a big dream to become a greatest hero like her idol however everything changes tragedy struck toward the poor girl with the...
?Love Struck? by c0pyc47
?Love Struck?by c0pyc47
Someone who desperately want to be a hero and Someone who doesn't at all want to be a hero
Smile of a Hero [Midoriya Izuku x Reader] by sadgiyuuu
Smile of a Hero [Midoriya Izuku x...by Giyu
"Well I don't know! His smile is just so! just so! I dont know!" Y/n blushed hardly and everyone chuckled. A deku fanfic. Please be soft to this smol precious...
Kirishima x reader by HamFam360
Kirishima x readerby The Squid King 🐙
IM BACK WEEBS IF you are new I have wrote some Haikyuu x reader stories but now I will start writing more bnha x reader stuff. My my hero academia stuff had more popula...
Decay (Bakugou Katsuki x Reader) by dustyboneshes
Decay (Bakugou Katsuki x Reader)by Allison
"Everything was a blur, like my whole life seems to be a lie or something that I couldn't understand. I believe in peace and justice for this world and yet why am I...
Split ends by SparkMermaid
Split endsby Mermaids!!!
This is the pre-betaed vs of my fan fic. The actual finished piece is in ao3 under "Officialfanmermaid" ((Official Fan Mermaid with no spaces))see you there!!!