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The Hot Shot Club 5: The Ghoster by Zayllah_Ysaac
The Hot Shot Club 5: The Ghosterby Nessie Reyes
Lionel x Joylyn (Epistolary)
No Caller ID by adeepermeaning
No Caller IDby adeepermeaning
You wake up one day, to a message on your phone from an unknown number. You dismiss the message and carry on with your day, but strange occurrences begin... I WILL START...
Wings of Fire; Beyond The Sea by MindlessTyper
Wings of Fire; Beyond The Seaby MindlessTyper
Adventure, that was what Robin loved most. She loved the thrill of exploring someplace new and untouched. So when she's already seen every nook and cranny of Pyrrha, she...
Forever Yours <SaeranxReader> by DarkerPotato
Forever Yours by DarkerPotato
Y/n is the third person to be picked as the Party Coordinator for the RFA. Rika and MC are thought to be gone, but mystery and deception still haunts the messenger. As t...
Best friends can be your downfall(Fundy X OC)  by Star-Soldier
Best friends can be your downfall( StarSoldier
Fundy has had the same best friend forever. HunterWolf. Known across the SMP as the messenger, deal maker, and secret keeper. But if there's one thing she knows, it's th...
Paragraphs for your Boyfriend / Girlfriend by bloodysatanic
Paragraphs for your Boyfriend / Pinkylux
These are paragraphs I wrote, I usually write these everyday. If you use any of these for your loved ones, can you please comment and say you used it. So I know at least...
Maybe The Night by alnayuh
Maybe The Nightby n a i a
Maybe... Just maybe.. My love would be heard through the night. - on - going © all rights reserved 2021 by alnayuh
IRONY (Figure of Speech #1) by SilentlyABroccoli
IRONY (Figure of Speech #1)by P
(Epistolary) Figure of speech #1 Irony is the use of words to convey a meaning that is opposite of what is actually said.
Mrs. Foster-Sencen (Sequel to The Sleepover) by mollie_booknerd
Mrs. Foster-Sencen (Sequel to booknerd101
Sophie and Keefe are now happily married, but will the arrival of a baby disrupt the peace? This starts right off from where the last book finished. If you haven't read...
The sleepover that changed everything (Sokeefe) by mollie_booknerd
The sleepover that changed booknerd101
Basically a Fan-fiction where Biana invites everyone over for a sleepover and that's how Sophie and Keefe get together. Including Biana sass, fluffy moments, cute dates...
I'll Be There by Amanda0197
I'll Be Thereby Amanda Kristensen
When all the cliché words finally make sense and the heart feels full of joy. When spring is not only describes a season but the beginning of something beautiful. The ti...
My Art book  by DeadBean57
My Art book by Bean who simps
Some random doodles and drawings I will leave credit to characters that aren't mine I might also post picrews of my oc's Please don't steal any of the art that is mine...
Mystic Messenger One Shots  by LunaticLee728
Mystic Messenger One Shots by LeagueOfLee~
SLOW UPDATES! (I have another book, a art Instagram account, and school so I'm kind of busy) Mystic Messenger one shots and sometimes scenarios! I take requests 😁 !I do...
Your Voice (Zen x Reader Fanfiction) by Myherolover08
Your Voice (Zen x Reader Sarah James
(Characters not mine) In a world where you can hear your soulmate sing, you find your soulmate to be the one and only Zen.
| Invitation of Mystic Messenger (magyar fordítás)  by SNoraz
| Invitation of Mystic Messenger ( I'm ✨h u n g r y✨
|| Senki se ijedjen meg az elején látott minőségtől, első fordításom lévén még nem voltam eléggé tisztában a dolgokkal. Szerencsére hamar váltottam, így csak az eleje cs...
Quarantine With You by asediuuu
Quarantine With Youby Ace Dee
Pang-Quarantine nga lang ba talaga o pang totohanan na?
A Special Messenger-OC Kingdom AU by Star_Fruit_Lover
A Special Messenger-OC Kingdom AUby ✨Harmony✨
4 kingdoms A messenger who has to deliver messages to them so they keep peace But what if there wasn't really any peace? Harmony Rose has been a messenger for these 4 ki...