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True Love (Jelsa Fanfic)  by VanillaCow
True Love (Jelsa Fanfic) by VanillaCow
The story takes place months after Elsa has found her happiness. After reports of crystallized black ash are found sweeping through Arendelle, people believe it's ju...
Merged Worlds  (Book 1) [Editing] by Flaming-Darkness
Merged Worlds (Book 1) [Editing]by Luna
The five heroes. They all have their story ending but what if their stories continue...together? They have their lives. Elsa is unhappy. Merida frustrated. Jack is bored...
And She's Gone (Jelsa) by savethebluescarf
And She's Gone (Jelsa)by savethebluescarf
Who even was Elsa Arendelle anymore? Jack didn't know. But in a convoluted way, Jack knew Elsa. At least, he did. The old Elsa, to be specific. He spent his childhood g...
The Big Six and their movies by Carla11803
The Big Six and their moviesby Snowflake
Hey guys it's my first time doing this so I'll try my best. Anywho, I have "kidnapped" my favorite characters from my favorite movies, ROTG, Frozen, Brave, HTT...
More Chaos (Book 3) by Flaming-Darkness
More Chaos (Book 3)by Luna
(Book 3) After a long journey of different, extraordinary worlds, the team return back in Arendelle. But in their present absence, evil was plotted. Jake has already ta...
A New Guardian: The Daughter of the Moon(Jelsa) by DeniseSiah22
A New Guardian: The Daughter of Denise
A new guardian is chosen. But why was she chosen? Was it because she is the daughter of the Moon. What other dark secrets does she hold? The Big 4 - Jack Frost, Hiccup...
UNEXPECTED Jelsa✔ by IAmHastinas
UNEXPECTED Jelsa✔by Hasti
#1 IN ElsaandJack #1 IN Elsaxjack #1 IN Punzi #1 IN Thebigeight #1 IN Jelsaforever #1 IN Mericcup Yay me! ❄❄❄❄ BEING EDITED ❄❄❄❄ Elsa agrees to marry Jack so that his fa...
The Big Four: Light vs Dark by CourtneyCampbell687
The Big Four: Light vs Darkby Courtney Campbell
Merida the Scottish princess, Rapunzel the lost princess, Hiccup the viking, and Jack Frost the guardian have come together to save the world from being taken over by fe...
Guardians and Angels by CourtneyCampbell687
Guardians and Angelsby Courtney Campbell
Rapunzel Corona has only ever known abuse, whether that be from her mother or her boyfriend. She hides her pain from everyone including her best friends. However, Jack F...
Mixed Love (Book 2) by Flaming-Darkness
Mixed Love (Book 2)by Luna
Sequel to Merged Worlds Pitch is finally defeated but he has left a couple of friends behind...and his son. The created son of The Boogieman, Jake, was out to avenge his...
Ask and dare the big5 by XxBigfivexX
Ask and dare the big5by Esteban Julio Ri...
I'm just here to be funny and say my take on the big five!
The Fourth Suitor by LittleEvie
The Fourth Suitorby LittleEvie
Princess Merida of Dunbroch turned her mother into a bear but that's in the past. Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III's Dad is friends with King Fergus when Merida's mother do...
Royalé Clash by annamariavrtc
Royalé Clashby Anna
[Completed] Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel and Merida, are the new transferees in Brooklyn High Academy. Then later on, they met the boys. Which caused trouble. The administrator...
Jelsa/The Big Six in High School (Book 1) by jelsalover14
Jelsa/The Big Six in High School ( Jelsalover14
Elsa Arens and her family move to Canterlot. There, Elsa and her sister Anna Arens, attend at their new school, Canterlot High. It is there where they meet a popular gro...
Crossover Tale by FlorenceEdurot
Crossover Taleby Mischievous Apple LOL
When Hiccup fell to a hole in Mount Ebott, everything could be a disaster. Yet, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. It took 5 ( I just made it 5) human souls to...
Players Get Played  ( Jelsa story ) by Nomiea
Players Get Played ( Jelsa story )by Nomiea
Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel, and Merida are all dating Gaston but when they discovers he's cheating on them with each other what better way to play the player then to get even...
You Were Wrong About Me(Jelsa) by Mintyhippo95
You Were Wrong About Me(Jelsa)by Mintyhippo95
When Elsa Queen was little she was popular, talented, athletic, and good at everything. After their parents died she gave it all up so her sister; Anna; could live her s...
Ghost Busters by TheShortestSunflower
Ghost Bustersby Jade
4 young adults who've known each other since college group together to hunt ghosts together! -Merricup -Jackunzel not scary! mostly based on Buzzfeed Unsolved haha So, q...
His Lone Wolf by SummerSnowflake13
His Lone Wolfby Queen_Of_Wolves
Elsa is a half human half wolf that joined the worst pack there is, The Nightmares. She did it for the sake of her sister and to keep her safe. Pitch is the alpha of The...
You Changed Me ( Jelsa ) by itsJELSA
You Changed Me ( Jelsa )by itsJELSA
*A story About Heartbreak, And Love,* They are just all teenagers, trying to live their best life- love all the way. But after Elsa's sister dies, that's when everything...