Mentalheathawareness Stories

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My Rainy Days  by Michael_xx14
My Rainy Days by On/Off
A book about my mental health
the problem with a name like lily by -opalescent-
the problem with a name like lilyby lily myles
i feel everything so very deeply • • • lily myles © 2019 started in: march 2019 finished in: april 2019 {all pictures are from google images and belong to their respecti...
A New Beginning \\\ Iris Miller by KCThatApolloChild
A New Beginning \\\ Iris Millerby KCThatApolloChild
A town that's invisible to the outside world, and intertwined with fate. In Herington, everyone has a fate. A pre-planned life. A given school, job, even friends. Every...
My Depression by Serenbaxter
My Depressionby Serenbaxter
Basically a diary to help me cope with my depression, hoping someone will read and maybe be able to relate and know they're not alone,learn things from it, educate thems...
Living Like This by TheLivingNightmare83
Living Like Thisby TheLivingNightmare83
This isn't a normal "Coming Of Age" story, this is reality, this is what they don't tell you. Even the most normal of people have issues. TW!!!! Angst, smut, S...