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Old friends Blake x male reader  by TheRecklessAuthor
Old friends Blake x male reader by TheRecklessOne
Blake and (Y/n) were childhood friends always hanging around with each other on the island of Menagerie. Things were going well until (Y/n)'s dad had to switch his job t...
RWBY: Tales Of The Quarry by BlackWater-Inc
RWBY: Tales Of The Quarryby BlackWater Productions
A completely new story in the world of Remnant. Freedom. Redemption. Justice. Hope. Enlightenment. Rage. Sorrow. The journey of Huntsman and Huntresses is no simple fa...
(Volume 4) Mythical Rose (Scattered) by MythicalKaizer
(Volume 4) Mythical Rose ( MythicalKaizer
With the Fall of Beacon Academy, the world of Remnant have become divided; mainly because they saw the Atlas Military attacking innocent bystanders. Now, Teams RWBY and...
The Act of Loving by _kloegrace
The Act of Lovingby •Kloe•
Grace Andrews leaves her abusive household and ends up in a town unlike any other. She wants to be independent, but could a new kind of relationship help her find hersel...
The Glass Menagerie (a play by Tennessee Williams) - Laura's diary by viopjim
The Glass Menagerie (a play by Pffffff
At the end of the play, Tom leaves his family and moves on with his life. Many years later, Tom finds Laura's diary in which she talks about her life and feelings. Here...
The little lamb faunus by That_RWBY_Guy
The little lamb faunusby Poster abuse🏳️‍🌈
Written by: Nicole and Leo: team LARL If L is for loser was a bit more realistic. Lapis was sent to Vale at a young age, despite being born in Menagerie and adopted by a...
Templars in Remant (RWBY x Assassin's Creed) by HeliosBionary
Templars in Remant (RWBY x HeliosBionary
Remnant is known for violence and suffering. The creatures of grimm are roaming around the world, humans and faunus kills each other for ideals... They are like kids, wh...
The Last Alpha by N7_Defender
The Last Alphaby Alex Shepard
What happens when the last known soldier of Menagerie's special forces winds up attending Beacon Academy? His story is quite the tale, so why would Ozpin spend his time...
Growing up in Remnant by redlikerosescreator
Growing up in Remnantby Ruby Rose
This is a kind of choose your own story thing that I decided to try out. I've been wondering what it'd be like to live a life in Remnant as a faunus, a human, a huntsman...
The Menagerie Meets Elves? by TealFox333
The Menagerie Meets Elves?by TealFox, Kitty, Bee
If you haven't read The Menagerie or Keeper of the Lost Cities you really should. There will be spoilers. What happens if the elves from the Lost Cities show up at the K...
In the Garden of Broken Things by EightRooks
In the Garden of Broken Thingsby EightRooks
In an ancient city left in ruins after a lengthy civil war, two men are looking for hidden secrets that might help them get their hearts' desires. But the secret they di...
The Sin of Time (-a Wybble) by AliceGraivenille
The Sin of Time (-a Wybble)by J.J.N.
The Wybble is 100-syllable-challenge hosted on @ChallengeCorner 's profile. Anyone can participate. In ANY form. I, obviously, decided to write a poem. Feel free to go t...
                                                      THE ELEPHANT'S EYE by mikk1066
#15 T.W. Mikkelson
Memoir of the circus through the eyes of a 16 yr old roustabout in the early '60's.
Fishbowl by ScottLyerly
Fishbowlby Scott Lyerly
Brad's dreams start out pleasant enough. But as the reality of what's happened to the world creeps in, his dreams take a nasty turn, until they are no longer a place he...
RWBY, OC agency wanted application by HajiKanekiMichaelis
RWBY, OC agency wanted applicationby Abraham The Dragon King of SC
Needing new members for a RWBY themed organization, please this request is for all the RWBY OC's who are Faunus, Grimm Faunus, and or you are a human, doesn't matter if...