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Vampire Girl by bellabooboobear15
Vampire Girlby Bellaiscool
Megan is a simple girl who hates her family, and doesn't get along with them. Her life changes whenever she gets a call from a mysterious old woman who knows her name. D...
The Pirate Who Kidnapped Me by sassylassy14
The Pirate Who Kidnapped Meby sassylassy14
The journey here was so daring and the terrain was so rough, all I could do was sit in a tuff. My golden hair in a breeze, looking through the trees I found myself looki...
The boy Who saved my life by kpunderdog123
The boy Who saved my lifeby kpunderdog123
Living with abusive parents and psycho of stepbrother didn't make my life easy. Nether did the bullies that never left me alone but one day an angel came and saved me a...
crystal potter by pinkunicornsrul
crystal potterby pinkunicornsrul
crystal potter goes through every thing harry does only with a twist. the twist...