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Conduct {Technoblade X Fem!Reader} by Cr3sc3nt
Conduct {Technoblade X Fem!Reader}by Crescent
Change. It's scary. But, we do it anyways. Even if it's for the better... or for the worse. An alluring love, can change people... The feeling is so strong... And that's...
our little secret | sapnap x reader fanfiction by kupkakekrazy
our little secret | sapnap x kupkakekrazyyy
"But what if Clay didn't know?" I grab his hand, "Think about it. If he doesn't know then we can make sure we actually work before we tell him." He l...
Missing Files {Tommyinnit X Fem!Reader} by Cr3sc3nt
Missing Files {Tommyinnit X Fem! Crescent
As a fan of the Dream SMP, you usually keep up to date with all of your favourite content creators. So, when you saw that the very popular Minecraft Youtuber Dream had a...
Prey (Vampire Dream x Fem Reader) by lovelyburnmarks
Prey (Vampire Dream x Fem Reader)by lovelyburnmarks
"I may be a monster but I'm not evil, (Y/N)." cover art from pinterest
Busyhead | Technoblade  by riiwriting
Busyhead | Technoblade by ʀ ッ
"God, English majors are so lame." "This is the part where you remember that 𝘺𝘰𝘶 were an English major, Techno." "Yeah. English majors are so...
Karl Jacobs Imagines by karlhonkjacobs
Karl Jacobs Imaginesby jess ☻
Imagines about the boi, Karl. Feel free to DM me any ideas you have!! <3 These are female Reader x Karl :)
You game? (Soulmate AU) Tommyinnit x reader by Ra1nWrites
You game? (Soulmate AU) Ra1nWrites
You are a small female streamer. But what you never would have thought that your neighbor could be your soulmate. You go on an adventure of trying to handle fame and lov...
The Letters {Tubbo X Fem!Reader} by Cr3sc3nt
The Letters {Tubbo X Fem!Reader}by Crescent
A story of you and your childhood bestfriend reuniting after 7 years. Was it fate? Destiny? It must be... -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- !! A Tubbo X Female Reader Fanf...
Wrong Number | Ranboo x Reader by VelvetWhimss
Wrong Number | Ranboo x Readerby STREAM THE FOUNDATIONS OF DEC...
"you can never have too many friends" "Eh, maybe I just don't want to be your friend" --- That awkward moment when Ranboo texts the wrong number Spoi...
Over Time  ~Ranboo x reader~ by Galaxqz
Over Time ~Ranboo x reader~by Galaxy 🪐
COMPLETED Y/n is your average 17 year old going with her parents to California. Little did she know, something would happen that would change her life forever... !cover...
Just A Friend | Dnf by basicinstinctnovels
Just A Friend | Dnfby BasicInstinct (Gracie)
Two best friends, Dream and George, are physically separated by thousands of miles, and are connected only by phone and computer screens. Dream is living in Florida, whi...
Thief • DreamNotFound by stormyyca13
Thief • DreamNotFoundby stormyyca13
Dream is a reckless Jewel Thief, bouncing from Kingdom to Kingdom to gain trust as different types of guards before shamelessly stealing from the royals. And Dream thou...
Sliding Into Your DMs - Ranboo x Male Reader by ayup_im_trans
Sliding Into Your DMs - Ranboo x Tobey
When a small streamer slides into Ranboo's DMs and somehow gets noticed things start to change. For the better or worse? Nobody knows yet. There is not enough Ranboo x...
childish adult | wilbur x reader by crackederik
childish adult | wilbur x readerby erik
LAST XHAPTER OUT RN GO GO GO _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ This is a little Wilbur x Reader story, it is also my first story on wattpad :) shortcuts: Y/N- Your...
(Skephalo) Forgive me father for I have sinned  by RamenBoi3
(Skephalo) Forgive me father for You’re_Such_A_Muffin
Cover art credit: @Aremiin PLEASE IM SO IN LOVE WITH THE COVER THANK YOU MWAH MWAH Darryl lives his life as the pastors son, completely engulfed in his fathers religion...
flawless | dreamnoblade by raloprye
flawless | dreamnobladeby polar
Dream started losing his love in skating. He was extremely good, but he still had lack of perfection. Something stopped him from quitting, or maybe a someone...
Lost Boy - Tommyinnit x Male Reader by ayup_im_trans
Lost Boy - Tommyinnit x Male Readerby Tobey
Y/n has always been a loner. No friends in school, no siblings, no desire to talk to anyone really. He has always felt a bit lost in life, spending all his time watchi...
Bloodlust (werewolf sapnap x fem reader) [COMPLETE] by lovelyburnmarks
Bloodlust (werewolf sapnap x fem lovelyburnmarks
In this story, the dream team and friends will be different kinds of fantasy monsters. sapnap- werewolf dream- vampire (because of his fucked up sleep schedule i though...
old fashioned || karl jacobs x reader by extraet
old fashioned || karl jacobs x eli :P
After moving to North Carolina, you find yourself in a sticky situation where you can barely make rent. Luckily, you stumble upon a local twenty-two-year-old looking for...
*Insert Fuck Boy Face Here* - Tommyinnit x Male Reader by ayup_im_trans
*Insert Fuck Boy Face Here* - Tobey
Yes. That's the title. lol. Y/n is the fuck boy of his school. He dates and breaks hearts for fun. He plays with people's feelings. Then the new guys arrives. To...