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Yaoi Smut Oneshots (Mainly BNHA) by ChainsawStudiosTwo
Yaoi Smut Oneshots (Mainly BNHA)by Mason Asfaw (K-9)
Just some yaoi smut oneshots. This can be made up characters or Boku No Hero Academia/My Hero Academia characters. They have to be boys, it's yaoi. I might do some Oc BN...
Hamilton: Oneshots by HamiltonSmutWriter
Hamilton: Oneshotsby Follow Sloth__
Oneshots Smut for Hamilton. I'll take requests First time I'll be writing smuts so...... I know that I'm doing the same thing for everyone so I'm trying to like...not...
Jamilton One Shots by Carlieposh
Jamilton One Shotsby Carlieposh
Errrr Jamilton Oneshots. I don't have anything else to say. :)
Let Me Know by daph_cas
Let Me Knowby daph_cas
Type: Angst Member: Taehyung (v) x Reader Summary: You and your long time boyfriend have always been on good terms, and loved each other dearly. You were or maybe are s...
From the Start(Hikaru x Koaru x Yukio and Tamaki x Kyoya x Kyla) by Yuki6546
From the Start(Hikaru x Koaru x Yukio Kun
I don't own Oran High School!But I do own Kyla and Yukio!Those are my OC!If you would like to use them ask me first and if I say yes you have to say that I made those OC...
Eddsworld Oneshots  by -_Pastel-Tam_-
Eddsworld Oneshots by ★~Tammy~★
This is gonna be really bad.... ^^; This Oneshot book well include Character x reader Character x Character And maybe some fluff if I can. But be warned, I may not be...
One shots by AphUselessItalian
One shotsby Feliciano Vargas
I'm gay. I write angst. Fair enough right?
Oh my gods... by IStoleSomeCroissants
Oh my AbnormalPyromaniac
Why couldn't things be normal?That was a question Alon asked himself everyday when his family and friends start trouble.But then again,nothing's ever normal when one or...