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One Shot Compilation by Amazonsechie05
One Shot Compilationby Renren Delacruz
Different one shot spg story hahaha😂 Beware!!
"Bestfriend with Benefits"  by FrechpotatoFries
"Bestfriend with Benefits" by FrenchFries
R-18 "Contains matured contents." No string attached. Just plain sex and nothing more. Warning: Don't ever fall in love with your bestfriend.
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My hot Step Sister by meahyonto
My hot Step Sisterby meahyonto
Teka..teka.. wala na tong description oii.. 😂😂 basahin nyo nalang.. di ako marunong eh. 😂😂
Hooked Boss by DamselofDark
Hooked Bossby Giezzyrish
On- going web novel. Sypnosis: Autumn Clark who had cheated by her boyfriend got drunk at a bar. To take revenge she randomly grabbed a man and took him into the hotel...
My suitor is a Mafia Boss [COMPLETED] by Lalistheticc_
My suitor is a Mafia Boss [ Clln
As Ella Kim's life continues, she finally tries to fulfill her dreams of being a writer despite her loss of memory. Ella has been living in France for 8 months now with...
Pearls and Roses by PatiahLicious
Pearls and Rosesby Patiah P Kuntour
Leila, the handicapped is to her so called family, an asset. So when she's asked to marry the prince of England, things get difficult for her. She then realized that she...
Love Conquers All (COMPLETED) by Elliez1432
Love Conquers All (COMPLETED)by Elizabeth Igot
The society we are living is harsh where power and money is the biggest foundation to live a life. A world where love between both men is disgusting and unacceptable. Wi...
We're Straight (mairi) by Ajinits
We're Straight (mairi)by AJIN
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You're My Everything by YhelloHeart
You're My Everythingby Anonymous
This poor girl named Kathlyn is ambitious,she wants to achieved her dreams.She choose her career over her boyfriend Enzo Demillones,a rich and successful bussinessman.Sh...
Just 4 U  by Bambie019
Just 4 U by Frances ☆ Ejoh
Janette Williams is an introvert by nature who has been under lock and key her whole life. She had no friends and was stuck with over protective and dictating parents. S...
FLY - Get Successful From Scratch by jeydendrumsofficial
FLY - Get Successful From Scratchby Jeyden Deus
Hey, are you stuck on one thing and always came off as a jerk who can achieve nothing, Do you want to be like those good personalities who made it to their fullest? If y...
Attention Seeker by anaryio
Attention Seekerby Anrio Personal
She does not want to have a serious relationship with any man because it is just a headache and an emotional pain. And she did not want to experience that again, to be h...
Anti-Agreste [ adrienette ] by gelatoandchoco
Anti-Agreste [ adrienette ]by avada kedavra
Meet Marinette Dupain Cheng, a girl who's absolutely a pain in the ass when it comes to Adrien Agreste. Even though Adrien is the world's Heartthrob and a hunky sweethea...
Good Meets Bad  by bleu_beltaine
Good Meets Bad by 𝓚𝓾𝓻𝓽𝓷𝓮𝔂
They're not mafias nor gangsters. They're not lost princesses nor princes. They're not teenagers who will fall in love and have a happy ending. They're not fuck buddies...