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Cupid's Match | Wattpad Books Edition by LEPalphreyman
Cupid's Match | Wattpad Books LAUREN PALPHREYMAN
He's mythologically hot, a little bit wicked, almost 100% immortal. And he'll hit you right in the heart . . . --- Lila Black doesn't believe in matchmaking, let alone s...
Cupid's Match : CUPID'S MATCH BOOK 1 by LEPalphreyman
[IN BOOKSTORES NOW!] What if you were matched with the original love god? --- When Lila goes to the Cupids Matchmaking Service it is to tell them to stop spamming her. I...
Bad Santa : CUPID'S MATCH SPIN-OFF by LEPalphreyman
**CUPID'S MATCH SPIN-OFF** The time for being good is over. It's time to be bad... --- Klaus is eccentric, arrogant, and irritatingly charming. He's also the CEO of a...
THE TIME LIMIT-BOOK 1 by shaylewisbooks
THE TIME LIMIT-BOOK 1by S h a y n a
Charlotte Larson is a 20-year-old college student who is kidnapped by an alien race to repopulate their dying planet. She is told that she has three months to get pregna...
Because of a Scroll | KotLC Fanfic by NuelaChik
Because of a Scroll | KotLC Fanficby Nuela
When the Neverseen is finally defeated, Sophie and her friends get their Matchmaking Scrolls. Matches are made, relationships are created, and hearts are broken. But it'...
Best Enemies [COMPLETED] by RaziaSultana
Best Enemies [COMPLETED]by Razia Sultana
THEY SAID NO WAY..................... Ashton Cooper and Selena McKenzie hated each other ever since the first day they've met. Selena knew his type of guys only too well...
Find Me a Find, Catch Me a Catch by DKGwrites
Find Me a Find, Catch Me a Catchby Donna K. Griffin
Finding out that Kara and Lena harbor feelings for each other, their friends play matchmaker. A fake assassination scheme is put into play to push the ladies together. N...
Upgraded by nikkiforever13
Upgradedby Nikki
It's the year 2122 and the world is still a mess! About 72 years ago, there were hundreds of women and men who were accusing the country's most successful entrepreneurs...
Cupid's Match Special: The Boy POVs by LEPalphreyman
Cupid's Match Special: The Boy POVsby LAUREN PALPHREYMAN
CUPID: If the world must end for us to be together then so be it... CAL: I would rather destroy my heart than destroy her... MINO: Did you know the mind is a labyrinth...
Blaming Cupid by cokonut
Blaming Cupidby mal
❝I'm choosing you over sleep, if that isn't true love, I don't know what the fuck is.❞ → Harriet hopes her last year at high school will run smoothly, that she will foc...
The Marriage Conspiracy [COMPLETED] by RaziaSultana
The Marriage Conspiracy [COMPLETED]by Razia Sultana
THEY SAID NEVER..................... Jacob Bruce Crighton son of Devin Richard Crighton hated his father’s meddling ways especially in his personal life. The latter had...
Whoa.. Wait, What?!! (HIATUS) by Skittles4Mee
Whoa.. Wait, What?!! (HIATUS)by Angel
ON HIATUS TILL FURTHER NOTICE Hi, My name is Gabriella Jackson. You can call me Gabby or Ella, whatever you please. The least I can say about my life is that IT IS CRA...
Making the Match by PJOfanatix
Making the Matchby PJOfanatix
Sophie Foster is now a Level 6 prodigy at Foxfire. The Neverseen has been put down and the war has been won. All was calm for the last two years and things have only bee...
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Matchmaking 101 by respectthebangs
Matchmaking 101by "Bangs Girl"
Sophie, Biana, Linh, Fitz, Keefe, Tam and Dex are all in a huge love knot. With matchmaking coming up, what will happen and who will they choose? Cover by @incrediblesto...
Matchmaking: Gaster Sans X Reader by I_Cannot_Life
Matchmaking: Gaster Sans X Readerby WAKE ME UP
It was a simple project for your programming class- to make a matchmaking app. Only catch, everyone's partnered with the opposite gender, so each gender gets input on th...
Matchmaker Hotline | √ by peaxhi
Matchmaker Hotline | √by Peaches
"Hello this is Matchmaker Hotline--" "Can I get a slut here?" "sorry this is not a 'grab a slut' hotline, so bye asshole!" A girl named Gae...
All She Ever Wanted by Shygail_19
All She Ever Wantedby Shygail
Amara finds faith again after twelve years, why? She's thirty and single. She gets invited to a church crusade for single women and she attends, she even leaves her inf...
Unmatched Matchmaker by UniSexCorn
Unmatched Matchmakerby UniSexCorn
Soulmates are real! And people of general public are mysteriously and unknowingly matched to their life partners. After finding out that she will never have a soulmate...
The Matchmaker (Slowly Updating at Sloth Speed) by DefinedBookJunkie
The Matchmaker (Slowly Updating ⎪Glorious Disaster⎪
Catherine Lewis is a shy, unsophisticated twenty-one year old with a secret. She's the most prominent matchmaker for the elite, the parents of the rich and famous come t...
Playing Cupid by eatsleepswimrepeat_
Playing Cupidby ash
For Hazel Mae dating is simple. After running the matchmaking service for 3 years you could say that she has some experience.The matchmaking service is an undercover mi...