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The Vampire and The Artist- The Return Of A Great Burden: Book 2 (Vampverse) by FlameonLeaf
The Vampire and The Artist- The TheFlamingFox
He never left did he? The thought of peace had drained away from them. Why is he back? The want of being safe came over them yet they knew it would be hard to come about...
love hurts  by AriTheXreaderQueen
love hurts by CreepyGalWolfThing
Marvul x eraser story these two have known eachother.since birth growing apart.marvuls doesn't want to happen tho
Peleando por tu amor (marvul x halluciv x xcellence) by PrincesaRoseQuarzo
Peleando por tu amor (marvul x PrincesaRoseQuarzo
Halluciv persigue a su senpai xcellence y xcellence un dia cansado de los acosos diarios de halluciv se enoja a tal punto que le dice muchas cosas horribles que lastiman...
~By The Seas, We Met~ (Siren!Hallucive X Pirate!Xcellence) by FlameonLeaf
~By The Seas, We Met~ (Siren! TheFlamingFox
The sea... It held and still holds many treasures up to this day. Treasures like gold and silver, jewels and antiques. That's was the main things pirates wanted. but th...
His silent scream  by Shipmaster2007
His silent scream by Undertale shipper
Bullied!Abused!fell!Palette (Rurik) x Concerned!fell!Goth (Lotus) Rurik is abused by his parents and bullied by Ray and his gang. His older brothers (Papercut and fell!G...
You Mean Everything To Me('Insert Sans Name Here' X Reader) by SnowyGlaceon
You Mean Everything To Me(' POOF
You're 16, just starting high school. Having a secret skele friend that you've hidden from your parents since you were 8, isn't the smartest idea.. Dad hates monsters b...
The Cover Is Not The Book《 Sans x Reader X Sans Au 》 by Narcissa_Sylvania
The Cover Is Not The Book《 Sans Narcissa Cassiopeia Sylvania...
You my Dear Readers are a part of the original Au Undertale. You helped Frisk free the monsters from the Underground. Oh and you also found a way for Chara and Asriel to...
Ask and Dare the Swap Sanses by Sapphire_Cipher_533
Ask and Dare the Swap Sansesby Laffy Sapphy
Literally a group of Swap Sanses who need to be separated
Ask Lunar, Marvul,and Halluciv by Lunar_crest
Ask Lunar, Marvul,and Hallucivby PaperJannet
This was a ask book I made just becuz I was so friggin bored! So all of you are free to ask anything! Don't be shy!
SwapFell-Verse by SwapVerseFangirls
SwapFell-Verseby Flynn and Pearl
Welcome to the Multiverse of SwapFell! we say multiverse because everyone is edgy! I will give a warning here and now: This contains abuse, violence and some sexual hara...
~Mistakes have been made~  by KayKay793
~Mistakes have been made~ by Kay Kay
This is an undertale story about my shipkid for eraser and marvul (swap ink and swap dream). His name is White out and hes pretty neglected by his fathers which causes p...
He's Mean But I Love Him by _QuartzCrysta_
He's Mean But I Love Himby Quartzite
Halluciv, a young pacifist skeleton who was cursed by his brother. He never hurt anybody and never hated his brother for what he did. Yet this skeleton, fell in love wit...