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Lightning Marriage by Niyumiiiii
Lightning Marriageby Niyumiiiii
Jane Ronan marries a man whom she only met twice, which makes her feel unreal! She meets a man who looks very much like her husband on the day her company's new presiden...
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காதலடி நீ எனக்கு ❤ by vaishurajamuthu
காதலடி நீ எனக்கு ❤by vaishurajamuthu
I have been thinking about this plot quite a long time. Today decided to go with it This story depict the initial stages of KM relationship and continues till the weddin...
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will you love me again?  by AnkitaGhosh205
will you love me again? by Ankita Ghosh
Will you love me again is a story of an orphan girl who did a lots of hardship in her life. She had no complaints about her life until he came in her life and ruined eve...
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SidNaaz ff - opposite attracts by meghna112
SidNaaz ff - opposite attractsby meghna
Sid was big businessman who loves her small sister mahira so much he was in love with rashmi who ditches her and marries asim Mahira loves paras but paras have on bad...
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To Live A Lie Or Love The Truth-Sidnaaz story❤ by mynameisrita33
To Live A Lie Or Love The mynameisrita33
Sidharth is the cliche billionare bad boy of every story. He is used to getting his way with others. He is brutal with his enemies and always keeps his guards up. Most o...
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The Substitute Bride by La_ilostyou
The Substitute Brideby Hakuna Matata 😊
My life was perfect. I was happy. My best friend was getting married to whom we all believed she loved. But, she left her at the altar on their wedding day begging me to...
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I Got Love by xialanaluv
I Got Loveby xian alana
Karena insiden ketemu mantan di acara makan malam penting, Gio secara gamblang mengakui Ayas sebagai calon istrinya. Apa daya, selain harus bertanggung jawab atas perbu...
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All You Need Is A Family  by melodious_sunshine
All You Need Is A Family by Melodious sunshine
All you need is a family is story of a boy named Pratyush Vallabhaneni portrayed by our very own darling Prabhas. Pranathi reddy played by our very own Sweety Pratyush...
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The Piano Man by littleLo
The Piano Manby Laura
Sophie Cartwright is an overworked, exhausted, down-on-her-luck single mother to eight year old, Maddie. She has bills up to her eyeballs, an academically challenged dau...
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The Broken $ouls by virat_arijit18
The Broken $oulsby Virjit1825
THE BROKEN SOULS "Shivaansh, I want to say something." 21 year old girl said. "Yup... Say..." The boy who was sitting in his room comfortably scrolli...
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Unwillingly, His by AnnaBWalker
Unwillingly, Hisby AnnaBWalker
#17 in Kill ~ 06/04/20. "Do you take Francisco D' Romero as your lawfully wedded husband". The voice came out almost as a threat. I looked around. Everyone he...
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Won't Let Go by sid_naaz786
Won't Let Goby ғᴜɴɴʏʙᴏɴᴇ
*This is purely a Fanfiction Destiny brings opposite souls together and creates a beautiful yet heartbreaking story. Both fall hard for each other but old mistakes come...
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After The Road Trip by parrillas_gang
After The Road Tripby parrillas_gang
You asked for it. You got it. Sequel to Road Trip! We ended with Regina and Emma sharing a kiss after confirming their love for each other. Now it's not a secret. Now it...
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[BL] Comeback of the Abandoned Wife by Kaffichuuu
[BL] Comeback of the Abandoned Wifeby Kaffichuuu
After Wu Ruo dies, he is reborn in those dark days when he was the most useless and the fattest that he hated the most. And in his new life, he not only has been married...
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Am I That Easy To Forget..... by ch25121986
Am I That Easy To chinnu hari
This is manan fans page so obviously its About MANAN story no hard feelings to Ejf....Not offending AnuPre LOVE TRIANGLE......
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My Mom's Personal Diary  by Writerbyheart01
My Mom's Personal Diary by Naaz Jamal
This is a story when a teenager girl found her mother's personal diary. Which her mother use to write in her teenage. That diary will change the life of that girl. She w...
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Be Mine, Forever (JenLisa) by etherealpinks
Be Mine, Forever (JenLisa)by yeojin2
A JenLisa AU
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Inthezaar Uss Pal Ka..!  by DeekshaReddy23
Inthezaar Uss Pal Ka..! by Deeksha Cheruku
A Man, The head of the Family.. A orthodox.. Always wishes to control and rule the family according the norms and beliefs which are set by him and from which he learnt f...
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Dil ko kuch Pata hi na Chala by ishra_soul
Dil ko kuch Pata hi na Chalaby ishrasoul
Romi bhalla sitting infront of his mother and arguing: oh god mom... please... are you sure you want to make that ishita... orphan daughter in law of bhalla family... mr...
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swasan:Forced Arrange Marriage by innocentdoll2017
swasan:Forced Arrange Marriageby innocentdoll2017
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