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Me and You❤ - Gabelena Story by Alexandraeyes
Me and You❤ - Gabelena Storyby Alexandraeyes
Elena Castillo Flores, the princess of Avalor, and Gabe Nuñez, the captain of the royal guards. They are best friends but Gabe hides something... For him she isn't only...
<{Dave Vore The Book}> by MiniSoup03
by MiniSoup03
what even is there to explain? Dave could vore Henry, Carlton or a an entire streetlight pole in this book. Most of these stories are short and are just a bunch of vore...
summertime dilemma by sunkissedspy
summertime dilemmaby a u r a n a d a
☼ in which marla jeon-ortega spends a magical summer in singapore with an unexpected twist ☼ ©️auranada srgr, 2020
Fnaf silver eyes: The story has just begun by SarahBarton832
Fnaf silver eyes: The story has Temmieproductions
This takes place after silver eyes and Charlie , John, Marla, Clarton, Jessica and Jason stayed in Hurricane. And everything starts to change as something from the past...
Manifesting Your Dreams [PDF] by Marla McKenna by lymabocy93706
Manifesting Your Dreams [PDF] by lymabocy93706
Read Manifesting Your Dreams PDF by Marla McKenna Nico 11 Publishing & Design Listen to Manifesting Your Dreams: Inspiring Words of Encouragement, Strength, and Persever...
The Forgotten Truth by Sour-Sweets
The Forgotten Truthby Sour Sweets
Michael Afton and Charlie Emily known each other for a while, and by a while I mean since they could walk. A lot has happened in both of there lives. they've been going...
Reparto A través de la ventana by malignaconswag
Reparto A través de la ventanaby MALI
Aquí podrás ver cómo son los personajes del libro: A través de la ventana, escrito por @malignaconswag. También podrás hacerles preguntas y ellos te contestarán. ¡Espero...
Five Nights at Freddy's: TSE Original AUs by angelxdemoncosplays
Five Nights at Freddy's: TSE Cas
Basically this'll be a rewritten book of all the aus me and my friends have decided to make! ------- Failure AU: ©️Cas; Multiple trigger warnings Justice AU: ©️Cara; un...
Marla J  by jungjoonyoung5555
Marla J by NotJJY
From "Caller ID" with love for my beloved husband. Thank you for your understanding of all this ForthBeam things.... (even if you cringed or nearly puked) Pair...
Five nights at Freddy's The Silver Eyes oneshots by helpmehgo
Five nights at Freddy's The helpmehgod
Oneshots of The Silver Eyes characters. I do have gay ships as always... one of them though might seem... wrong... you will see it eventually. Also my favorite is Carlto...
The Dash Diet Weight Loss Solution [PDF] by Marla Heller by rosemedu34471
The Dash Diet Weight Loss rosemedu34471
Read The Dash Diet Weight Loss Solution PDF by Marla Heller Grand Central Publishing Listen to The Dash Diet Weight Loss Solution: 2 Weeks to Drop Pounds, Boost Metaboli...
A New Neko In Town Book 1: New Home, New Friends by Kylafox1212
A New Neko In Town Book 1: New Kyla
Kayla is a normal highschool gal.... well normal for a neko. She has blue eyes and tail and ears. All the boys want to be her boyfriend, but then she sees a sad looking...
Dr. Marla's Lab: The Catastrophe by crystalhesses
Dr. Marla's Lab: The Catastropheby your resident fangirl
This is a short story about a boy and a girl who make a shocking discovery. many many thanks to my friend Ella for makin such a cool cover :))
Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan (PDF) by Marla Rockridge by nizirity63101
Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan (PDF) nizirity63101
Read Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan PDF by Marla Rockridge Listen to Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan: The Beginners Complete Guide with Meal Prep for Weight Loss Solution, G...
All My Old Writing. by Kaspar
All My Old Paloma
Thank you SO much for supporting these books, stories, poems. I truly appreciate the time you took out of your day to read, vote, and comment. Thank you for all the fans...
Second Chances  by -_kiwi_-
Second Chances by ° سيلڤيا °
"I can't believe this!" she sobbed, still in shock from what just happened. "Maybe this is God's way of giving us a second chance!" he cried, hugging...
061415 by gambkno
061415by $$ .
Mario... Mario... Mario ❤️
Marla's experiments (Original OCs) by Pokemonlover777
Marla's experiments (Original OCs)by Captain Hot Pants
Ok so... I have some OCs and... I decided to publish something about it! I don't know if it will be a story but for now is just info, art, minicomics and stuff like that...
Into The Darkness by Liv4742
Into The Darknessby Olivia H
If you dont succeed at first, try and try again...