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Dreams do Come True by Akitathewolf7777
Dreams do Come Trueby Akita Wolf
In this story me and my bestie go to comicon to finally meet our fav youtubers! Watch as we stumble our way into the paths of our senpais!
could it be true? by I_LOVE_JACKIEBOY
could it be true?by Karah Greer
Jacksepticeye X markipleir. The cutest couple ever!! XD
Day  of the dead by Galaxy_1995
Day of the deadby Galaxy_1995
This is a book about a love sick boy from Texas who meets a girl and falls in love but is that all there is to the story or does it end not so happily ever after
Victubia Hearts by KataKismet
Victubia Heartsby KataKismet
In Queen Minx's kingdom strangers lurk in the shadows awaiting the single wrong move she could make. Everyone feels safe within her hands. After all, Minx is what they...
The Summer Sky. (A MarkiplierXreader fanfic) [Book 3] by Paradoxshadow99
The Summer Sky. (A Para
{This is book 3 of my MarkiplierXreader fanfic series} The days go past, each one feeling better than the last. Mark had made your life whole again. Two whole years you...
The Man I Know..Or Do I? by -_MintyBro_-
The Man I Know..Or Do I?by -_MintyBro_-
If you like Markiplier and surprises then you are in for one heck of a fanfiction.
antiplier by _rayne_storm_
antiplierby _rayne_storm_
Sky confesses her love to Jack and mark decided to try to commit suicide
Your Biggies Fan Crankgameplays x Jacksepticeye x Markiplier x Reader by FallOut_Chan
Your Biggies Fan Crankgameplays FallOut_Chan
Hi, I'm Y/n this is my story and how I meet two people that made me whom I am today, I'm YT/n I now have 13M subscribers on the YouTube mechien and the two men I meet ma...
Hi, my name is Mark. by StarryeyedGoofysmile
Hi, my name is Elise Autumnales
"Hey, y/n.... Its been awhile since I've seen you..." "It has... I was hoping to run into you" "Really? So have I. Care to catch up?" "...