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Broken {Starco} by fanaccountanomalayah
Broken {Starco}by Fan Account
This Story and Cover is made by: anomalyah on Tumblr Highest Ranking: #2 Fanfiction
starco smut book by jjbae53
starco smut bookby kim yojina soyata
yeh I told ya very mature readers can view so if you no scared go for it
¿Como matar a una virgen? (Star vs las fuerzas del mal) by Randominlove
¿Como matar a una virgen? (Star Randominlove
Star Butterfly estaba convencida que era una completa pervertida, debía ser la princesa casta y pura, pero ver como su amigo había cambiado la hacia pensar solo en cosas...
 (Discontinued) MTF by Ash113101
(Discontinued) MTFby Ash
Marco and Star were invited to Jackie's party, everyone wanted to plays 7 minutes in heaven but being the brave guy Marco plays spins the bottle and hopes it's Jackie..b...
Starfall by GolfAlphaMike
Starfallby Golf Alpha Mike
Marco and Star have been separated by the dimensions. Why were they torn apart? Can they make their way back to each other? There will be adventure, action, and drama. B...
Always By Your Side (Starco One-Shots) by StarMarco4ever
Always By Your Side (Starco SM4ever
(Events happened before Season 2 aired) It never occurred to him that they would go this far. He only saw her as a friend. And it filled him with so much exhilaration no...
Stolen Kisses ~ Starco Fanfiction by cosmogals
Stolen Kisses ~ Starco Fanfictionby meme™
Summer was just starting for Star and Marco, but just like the heat, trouble was rising in the air. {I do not own SVTFOE} < I do not own some Characters from SVTFOE&g...
Marco's Favorite Star ➵ A Collection Of Starco One Shots by IanaThePacifist
Marco's Favorite Star ➵ A Iana
"Hey, Marco?" "What's your favorite star?" "..." "I'm looking at her." A collection of one shots, featuring Star Butterfly and Ma...
Star vs the forces of evil (  Starco Genderbend  ) by Silvern_Ghost
Star vs the forces of evil ( Our story is untold
Hi guys! This is just a genderbend version of Star vs the forces of evil. I hope you guys like it :-) I don't own Star vs the forces of evil this just a fanfiction ( PS...
Ask and dare  Comet Dragonfly and Maria Diaz ( starco genderbend) (CLOSED)  by Silvern_Ghost
Ask and dare Comet Dragonfly Our story is untold
Hi guys you can ask and dare me and my Bff Maria Diaz anything So I hope you guys will ask us or dare us anything what's up in your mind.
Echo Creek Collage: A Starco Story by REDJJGAMER14
Echo Creek Collage: A Starco Storyby REDJJGAMER14
Marco is a new 18 year old student who recently graduated from high school and wanted to study further (even tho is not as intelligent.) He dream to one day have a great...
Starco Oneshots by Zambiegal
Starco Oneshotsby ZombieGirl92
Just some one shots I put together for one of my OTPs. I don't own the cover of this book. I also don't own the show.
˗ˏˋ 𝐒𝐓𝐀𝐑𝐂𝐎 ˎˊ˗ by starcostruck-
˗ˏˋ 𝐒𝐓𝐀𝐑𝐂𝐎 ˎˊ˗by ☾ ☼
❀ pictures, comics, tributes/videos and more, of this beautiful ship. // none of the media in this book belongs to me unless said
Everything Has Changed (Star and Marco Starco fan fiction)  by angelkyoo
Everything Has Changed (Star and akyoo
Star and Marco had a weird relationship between each other after the dance and after Marco's date with Jackie, and for some reason, Star felt hurt and she wanted to know...
Our Magical Stories (Star vs. The Forces of Evil Oneshots)  by starcologist
Our Magical Stories (Star vs. CJ Lou, The Starcologist
This fanfiction book contains couple oneshots, songfiction oneshots, long/short oneshots and so on with these genres such as action, romance, drama, friendship, adventur...
Insta Famous by Ash113101
Insta Famousby Ash
Star Butterfly is the the Princess of Instagram until her followers starts shipping her with a handsome looking guy who's climbing up on the charts will star give in or...
Starco: Blood Moon Thief (ON HOLD) by WarriorsLullaby
Starco: Blood Moon Thief (ON HOLD)by 👑~Dream Queen~👑
After her parents threaten to send her to Earth, Star Butterfly, a fourteen year old wild child molds herself into the proper princess her parents have always wanted. Th...
Star Vs The Forces Of Evil ( Genderbend ) 2 by Silvern_Ghost
Star Vs The Forces Of Evil ( Our story is untold
Comet : *pops out of the portal* I'M BACK!!!! And here's Maria. -silence- Comet : Maria? Maria? *pulls her out of the portal* Maria : Comet I was in the shower Comet : s...