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SAO Grim Reaper by TimmyShadowKing
SAO Grim Reaperby Tim Gibbons
SAO X Death Male Reader SAO, the dreaded death game created by Kiyaba is notorious of getting many, many players killed either by an NPCs, Player Killers, Bosses ECT. Bu...
Multiverse x OP Malthael OC by TrueRisingFTW
Multiverse x OP Malthael OCby TrueRising
An almighty Angel of Death awakens from his slumber and sees that the multiverse has grown vastly. So, he of course decides to explore the worlds and show his supreme st...
Primordial Aeon by user27762906
Primordial Aeonby Ender Darkos
In the beginning, there was nothing, quickly replaced by light, a sentient, true, shining and burning light which prevented everything to appear, then, the light called...
The Day Before Time by Xx_maximum_xX
The Day Before Timeby Stephanie Rayl
The day Mark Mae Heart was born was the day that the world spiraled into chaos. Angels and Demons roamed the chaos either to restore The beauty God made or to destroy it...
Pandemonium by Innalynx
Pandemoniumby Seamus
Everyone knows of the Death Maidens; they were once Malthael's most trusted followers. They, along with Urzael, were sent out to Sanctuary to retrieve their archangel, i...
Angiris Drabbles by iDuskFeather
Angiris Drabblesby DuskFeather
A series of Diablo fluff I've put together just because I love the game too much!
Talarine: Final War by NightWolves56
Talarine: Final Warby NightWolves56
The time draws near, allies have been gathered and the final war between High Heavens and Burning Hells looms ever closer. The Spirit Clans have been reunited at long la...
Random One-Shots by Blacky1991
Random One-Shotsby Blacky91
This is a collection of one-shots from various fandoms or original content.
Talarine: Ally to the Angels by NightWolves56
Talarine: Ally to the Angelsby NightWolves56
Talarine: a woman whose can handle more then what people throw her way. But can she hang onto her own sanity when a girl from a whole other town manages to get the Heave...