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in love with my dentist-capri(segunda temporada) by riveruni
in love with my dentist-capri( nam da nudee
SEGUNDA TEMPORADA!!! Nessa temporada vou focar mais nos filhos dos casais principais. Mas ainda vou mostrar os casais. Vou mostrar um pouco da vida dos filhos,e das suas...
Sarah et Ibrahim : est ce que tu me supporteras toda la vida ? by Sarah-KM
Sarah et Ibrahim : est ce que tu Sarah-KM
" Une congolaise avec un malien ? Mais ça existe que dans les chroniques ce bordel. J'suis chrétienne il est musulman, serieux Selma, tu crois que nous deux ça va f...
Light Of Hope (Monster Of Your Making Sequel) by ZoomQ21
Light Of Hope (Monster Of Your ZoomQ21
Fixing the past. It was the only thing that S/N had on his mind for the past few years. He knew that he had the ability to do it, but he wasn't fast enough. He was never...
Demophobia | mgc by candycat27
Demophobia | mgcby candycat27
Demophobia -fear of crowds ••• 4 year old Amelia Lynn Clifford was diagnosed with demophobia at the age of 3. When her parents pass away, she has to live with her famous...
His Little Rebel by LovelyMadie
His Little Rebelby Madison
You can't chage a person. They will always be who they are. But maybe you can bring out something in them that no one else has seen before, not even they know it's there...
Road to Home part 1 (Urban) [COMPLETED] by beautiful_mali
Road to Home part 1 (Urban) [ beautiful_mali
**30 chapters** **Completed** Brianna is a young teen who tries to free herself from abusive relationships. If it's not one thing, it's another. But how will her l...
Changes in life (Niall Horan) by SwaggingLeprechaun97
Changes in life (Niall Horan)by SwaggingLeprechaun97
Jessica is just a 19 year old with a past and uncomfortable memories. She has lost contact with her family and the only contact that she has, is when her mother sends he...
Lucy and the tower of love by XxTRAPGODBBOX
Lucy and the tower of loveby XxTRAPGODBBOX
Lucy was originally taken to the tower of heaven but instead of just summoning sports she can use all celestial magic. Lucy had away to attract everyone everyone who had...
Canada vs Chad by WhenTheWhenThe
Canada vs Chadby Bartholomew V
Things aren't going to well for Canada at school, because he's a little suck up he gets picked on a lot, and it's up to Australia and maybe America to toughen him up
Harry Potter and the Descendents (dRaMiOnE) by prongs89
Harry Potter and the Descendents ( Tiffany Zamora
Draco, the benevolent teenage son of King Adam and Queen Belle, offers a chance of redemption for the troublemaking offspring of Disney's classic villains: Cruella De Vi...
Fall of Wonderland! by ellayulbo
Fall of Wonderland!by Ella
Alice always tried her best to fit inside the lines. But when she is chosen for a destiny she never asked for, it's clear she does not belong in any category. There are...
Die sieben Brüder by Sasyan64
Die sieben Brüderby Sasyan64
Das gleich zwei Personen an ihrem ersten Arbeitstag zu spät kommen kann nur ein Wink des Schicksals sein und tatsächlich verändert sich durch diesen Zwischenfall das Leb...
Let me help you ~ Niam by imsorryimlate
Let me help you ~ Niamby imsorryimlate
Summary: Niam AU! Niall is trapped in a state of emotion he doesn’t recognize, he’s stressed out and he really needs someone to talk to. His friends aren’t there for him...
Mali Blues by Worddoctor
Mali Bluesby Dr. Jeanne Powell
a lovely documentary about a music festival in Mali
Wonder by RonnieSophia
Wonderby RonnieSophia
He's just a young boy, but he's dying. He doesn't deserve this. But what happens when he has the chance to survive? This short story follows Marduk when his life suddenl...
Habiba et Nasik: la guerre des ethnies by unapularr2000
Habiba et Nasik: la guerre des unapularr2000
une histoire d'amour confronter a une appartenance a des ethnie différentes.......... venez lire l'histoire éprouvante de cette jeune femme qui vas souffrir de cette gue...