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Malec Smut by nonamreesh
Malec Smutby MalecFanfic
Alec is trying to get some work done at the institute, but a pesky warlock keeps getting in the way 😏 *Please vote for this story so more people can read it*
Malec Fanfic by nonamreesh
Malec Fanficby MalecFanfic
Magnus Bane is an international rock star who has achieved fame and fortune. While it seems he has everything that he could ever desire, he soon realises he wants someth...
The Act (Malec AU) by Ayana2570
The Act (Malec AU)by Ayana2570
This is a Malec AU story. Alec is a young actor who just had his big break. He is going to work together with the well-known actor Magnus Bane. But Alec isn't pleased wi...
Stuck in a snow storm  by fictionmalec
Stuck in a snow storm by fictionmalec
Alec Lightwood, big heart, kind, athletic. Magnus Bane, cold heart, sassy, artist. What happens when Alec goes into a snow storm and crashes at the stranger, Magnus's...
The Best of Us by Malec_ST
The Best of Usby ST.DA.WRITER
At 26, Alexander Lightwood is already the oldest member of the American swim team and is still fighting for a place in his first ever Olympic Games. He is not only worr...
Sick to the Core (Malec/Mortal Instruments fanfic) by fizzabel
Sick to the Core (Malec/Mortal Newtmas&DetroitTrash
(Takes place after CoLS) Magnus has just dumped Alec and now the shadowhunter has begun to question his place on earth. He feels unloved, depressed, upset, angry at hims...
Dividing lines ( malec ) by shadowhunter_squad
Dividing lines ( malec )by Shadowhunter_squad
Read along with Alec Lightwood, experiencing the 'like, like' feeling for the first time ;) Meeting a rather 'magical' warlock and more! + Every chapter after chap 10...
Cheaters Be Cheating by itsyourfandomlover
Cheaters Be Cheatingby itsyourfandomlover
Alec woke up feeling pretty normal, his boyfriend by his side as they cuddled in bed before work.But when he wakes up in the sight of a girl instead of his boyfriend mem...
He Belongs To Me  by glitterofmalec
He Belongs To Me by 💫🌹🌈
Alec and Magnus get caught up with the seelies. What will happen when a purple eyed seelie tries to take control?
3. The Attack by angelsmalec
3. The Attackby Angel LGHB
Alec Lightwood is on his way back home, when he gets himself involved in a fight against three Raum demons. He ends up very injured, and when he's about to die something...
Malec //One Shots by bethansfandoms
Malec //One Shotsby Bethan
A collection of mainly soft Malec one shots.
Look into my eyes by malecrunesmagic
Look into my eyesby malecrunesmagic
PAUSED ☕ Fanfiction about TMI / Shadowhunters / especially Malec Alec has a normal life. At least as normal as a Shadowhunter's life can be. He obeys the law and would...
Stay With Me  by glitterofmalec
Stay With Me by 💫🌹🌈
What happens after Jace left? Continued scene from 3x10 when Alec gets stabbed with the Arrow.
Can I Kiss You? - Malec Fanfic by muffin_be_bae
Can I Kiss You? - Malec Fanficby Lola ❤️
Alec Lightwood has been in the closet for all 17 years of his life. And he's not planning on coming out any time soon. Magnus Bane has just moved to London from America...
Bad Person by itsyourfandomlover
Bad Personby itsyourfandomlover
"When something awful happens to people they break. They hurt inside. And the good ones like to say: <I wouldn't wish that kind of pain to anyone, not even to my...
Mates - A Sister Story to The Omega by BouncerGirl
Mates - A Sister Story to The Omegaby Brandy Bailey
This story is a sister story to The Omega, picking up at Chapter 21 - United Front - Part 2. This story will follow The Omega through Alec's father, Robert Lightwood's...
True Love Never Dies by malec_endgame
True Love Never Diesby Gabby G. 🥀🖤
Losing Alec was the hardest thing Magnus has ever had to go through. He promised himself he would never let himself go through heartbreak like that again. So when a warl...
The Guardians - A Malec AU by Nephilim_A5
The Guardians - A Malec AUby Nephilim_A5
This is a Malec au based off the animation movie 'Rise of the Guardians'
Let your mirror break  by malec_fanfic_heaven
Let your mirror break by Fanfic_heaven
Alec needs help but he thinks he doesn't deserve help, will magnus get his walls down before it's too late?
The Mortal Instruments Fanfics by AlphaPack
The Mortal Instruments Fanficsby AlphaPack
Simon and Isabelle dates, Magnus and Alec cuddles, Clary and Jace Makeouts.Very large variety of couples and different variety of one-shots. Enjoy!