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Anathema by kezzy99
Anathemaby Kezzy99
"Once upon a time, in a time long ago, a witch fell in love with a handsome young man..." And I Freya Clarke am his descendent. So many of us have lived with...
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Def Leppard | Moonlight #4: Lunatic  by Brambleshadow96
Def Leppard | Moonlight #4: Brambleshadow
[Alternate Universe - Werewolf] Sav couldn't believe he hadn't figured out Joe's secret before. Now that he knew it, upon looking back there were several signs that he h...
Def Leppard | Moonlight #6: Hunter's Moon by Brambleshadow96
Def Leppard | Moonlight #6: Brambleshadow
Joe and Sav face Sav's second full moon. [Alternate Universe - Werewolf]
White Lies by tropico-
White Liesby | arline |
| these white lies are going to kill me. literally.|
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Def Leppard/Bon Jovi | Moonlight #2: In the Still of the Night  by Brambleshadow96
Def Leppard/Bon Jovi | Moonlight Brambleshadow
[Part 2 of an AU series. Alternate Universe - Werewolf] "In the still of the night I hear the wolf howl, honey, sniffing around your door. In the still of the night...
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Hunt or be Hunted-Werewolf Oneshots by Tainted_Grace
Hunt or be Hunted-Werewolf Oneshotsby Your Humble Author
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The WereWitness by Giandroid
The WereWitnessby Giando Sigurani
When a man gets bitten by a Jehovah's Witness on the full moon, he is filled with an insatiable urge to distribute pamphlets, be very polite, and abstain from celebratin...
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The Blood Moon Alpha by AndreTheAlpha92
The Blood Moon Alphaby Wil3192
Kahari knew something about him made him different from the others. He just didn't know it would be this particular event. It is now up to Kahari to save and protect bot...
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In Sheep's Clothing by roseh23
In Sheep's Clothingby Rose
The phrase "Don't judge a book by its cover" has a double meaning: don't underestimate something based on what you see, but don't overestimate it either. Alway...
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Howl by AdamFloydd
Howlby AdamFloydd
Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? Alex Scott definitely wasn't. Life was all school, family and friends, at least till he comes face to face with it. As he struggles to...
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Grimm: New Blood by depressowitchboy
Grimm: New Bloodby Karter
This is a Grimm fan-fiction with a little twist. Please don't judge if you don't like the story. If you are displeased by what I write please don't comment about it. Ple...
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The Blood Alpha by Risibilities_
The Blood Alphaby Risibilities_
Wolfe Lasa Malikov's pack was slaughtered, her and her beta were the only ones that survived at the age of 15, 1300 years ago. Her mother was the most powerful warlock a...
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Evil Is Her Name [DO NOT READ] by RedHeaven
Evil Is Her Name [DO NOT READ]by Liv D’Alia
*THIS STORY IS UNDER MAJOR RECONSTRUCTION* Mean. Cruel. Twisted. Smart. Manipulative. Beautiful. Temperamental. Perfect. Possessive. Selfish. Sadistic. Charismatic. A...
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The All Hallows Academy Chronicles: Dawn by ClaudiaHart13
The All Hallows Academy Claudia Hart
The All Hallows Academy Chronicles are a series of books written by Luke Jenkins. The story will span over at least three books and will detail the lives of six teenager...
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Clinical Lycanthropy by V-Boss
Clinical Lycanthropyby Valentina
"A timer was ticking away my chances of survival. I never felt so primal, alive or lethal. "I felt paralyzed, waiting for a recognizable emotion. I shuddered a...
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Def Leppard | Moonlight #7: Heat in the Night by Brambleshadow96
Def Leppard | Moonlight #7: Heat Brambleshadow
Sav can't sleep. Joe decides to help out. [Alternate Universe - Werewolf. Slash. Smut.]
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Moonlight Becomes You by Lomax343
Moonlight Becomes Youby G K Lomax
It wasn't just the tired, the poor and the huddled masses sought a new life in America. The lycanthropes came, too. They came to escape persecution, seeking safety in...
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One Direction Imagines by crazy_cat_lady
One Direction Imaginesby Lexi
Romantic and Dirty Imagines about everyone's favourite boys, ONE DIRECTION! there will be explicit content. Don't read it if you don't want to.
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Rage - Dreams of Death by ChrisByrns
Rage - Dreams of Deathby Chris
Death, murder. It had to stop, but would the beast ever want to? Johnathan Greyfeather was finally on his way towards achieving the king of life he wanted, untill a co...
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Def Leppard | Moonlight #1: Moonlight  by Brambleshadow96
Def Leppard | Moonlight #1: Brambleshadow
[Alternate Universe - Werewolf] The silver moonlight tracked him even backstage, trapping him in its glow, and Joe knew he had to either give in or let the burning insid...