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LUSTRE | percy jackson² by ambitchhous
LUSTRE | percy jackson²by ˗ˏˋ𝐍𝐎𝐑𝐄𝐋𝐋𝐄ˎˊ˗
this is seriously unedited and I don't think I'll edit it anytime soon. so, read at your own risk:) LUSTRE ᝰ. Follow Aurora Beaza and Percy Jackson as they go through th...
Careful, Rain [Completed] by yergerl
Careful, Rain [Completed]by aju
It's the lies that brought them together. It's the truth that tore them apart. Now he's back... asking for another chance and she really wants to say yes. Pero may gumu...
Kryptonite by ScarletsTears
Kryptoniteby ScarletsTears
James is an assassin, one of the most loyal and skilled. With a chance to take revenge on the man who killed his family, James is faced with his most dangerous challenge...
1st Thorn: End Of Conversation (TTGN Book 3) by laykuuh
1st Thorn: End Of Conversation ( ℓayka
A battle between heart and mind, wishing you had another chance, if destiny gave you a one, what will you follow? What will you do? --- [THIS IS THE START OF THE 10 THO...
Lustre  by lucidiity
Lustre by lucidiity
She was always the queen but was he always her king? <extended description inside>
The Mornings After by dal_yeonin
The Mornings Afterby dal_yeonin
Is true love best to be together or apart? Inspired by Jadine's real-life love story.
Destiny Is A Good Player (JaDine) by lowkeydraft
Destiny Is A Good Player (JaDine)by myrille.
Disclaimer: Read at your own risk. This story is UNDER MAJOR MAJOR EDITING. I'm currently working about the plot holes, wrong spellings and grammatical errors that has b...
Take ME Back (JADINE ) by eueuxoxoxo
Take ME Back (JADINE )by eueuxoxoxo
A love story that wasn't suppose to happen. Nadine Lustre and James Reid the unstoppable loveteam. They took over showbiz like a storm. The just friends duo were unbrea...
My Sway, His Moves (COMPLETED) by heyalyshialyynn
My Sway, His Moves (COMPLETED)by Alyshialynn
One move can change your life... One step can make all the difference.
Hate Turn To Love(Completed)  by Eijeleichaaaa
Hate Turn To Love(Completed) by Chiele
Makita mo pa lang ang siya ay nagagalit ka na, nagagalit ka hindi dahil sa kaniya, galit ka dahil sa pangakong hindi natupad. Ang galit ay magbabago, dahil ang galit ay...
Sixth Sense by ScarletsTears
Sixth Senseby ScarletsTears
[DISCONTINUED - see author's note} Nadine, Kathryn, Julia, and Janella have unique abilities--a sixth sense as Liza calls them. The four, including Liza who is the only...
Am I too late?  by reeseiscool
Am I too late? by solely reese
"Sometimes you don't see that the best thing that's ever happened to you is sitting there, right under your nose." - Love, Rosie What if James never realized N...
Beyond the Bounds by harrytruffles
Beyond the Boundsby Alexia
There's always something more than what we see, something more than what is spoken, something hidden in between the lines. There's always more to everything. Like there...
Hopelessly waiting for you by santos_sofi
Hopelessly waiting for youby Sofalofal
Nadia Lola Satola, an ordinary girl who's life changed when she and her family moved to the Philippines. She is a girl who is determined to pursue her dreams of working...
DIAGP Book 3: WDYWMTD by lowkeydraft
DIAGP Book 3: WDYWMTDby myrille.
DESTINY IS A GOOD PLAYER: BOOK 3 If you want to scrutinize this story without reading the previous books, it's okay. The content of WDYWMTD is different from book 1 an...
Photos by ScarletsTears
Photosby ScarletsTears
In light of what recently happened and a mix of my own perspective. Photography (n): The art or practice of taking and processing photographs. Also can be thought of as...
Im inlove with my bestfriend by Kriiishhh
Im inlove with my bestfriendby Kriiishhh
Ok. I dont know where to start but here......
bacon, eggs & sausage by hazyplaces
bacon, eggs & sausageby danni
break·fast ˈbrekfəst/ (n) a meal eaten in the morning, the first of the day.
♡WÍĹĹ ŃÉVÉŔ BÉ ŘÉŤÚŘŃÉĎ♡ by jessjadine11
♡WÍĹĹ ŃÉVÉŔ BÉ ŘÉŤÚŘŃÉĎ♡by jessfritzie11
Ito po ang istorya ng nagmahal nasaktan at na iwan