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Noctis x Reader ~Destined Meeting by FFXVsummoner
Noctis x Reader ~Destined Meetingby 《Night Sky》
Thoughts lingered on the one true King of Kings, Prince Noctis. Endowed with the special task of protecting the Majesty's son, the conflicts between Lucis and Niflheim o...
Final Fantasy X Reader Fluff & Smut by Fantasist14
Final Fantasy X Reader Fluff & Smutby Fantasist14
All smut and fluff requests are open! Warnings are posted at the beginning of the chapters. Have fun! Some pics are not mine, all rights reserved to owners.
Rayne Drops (FFXV) by Mrs_Strife
Rayne Drops (FFXV)by FF Fanatic
King Regis appointed four of Prince Noctis's closest friends to guide and protect him on his journey to Altissia to be wed to Lady Lunafreya. Those four were Ignis Scien...
Kara (FFXV) by Mrs_Strife
Kara (FFXV)by FF Fanatic
The destruction of Tenebrae was only the first straw. The daughter of a world-renowned dragoon and close friend of the children of the Nox Fleuret bloodline, Kara Highwi...
Noctis Lucis Caelum X Reader by CindyRieveldt665
Noctis Lucis Caelum X Readerby CindyRieveldt665
You are one of Noctis' protector if he was in danger. You also got some healing powers. The king was the one who hired you along with Noctis' friends. He believed that y...
Nox Fleurets' alphabet by Naminewitch
Nox Fleurets' alphabetby Naminewitch
26 oneshots about relationship between Ravus, Luna and Stella; the Nox Fleuret siblings. other chapters also will have background Noctella and Lunyx. Set either pre-ga...
Angels Carried Us Away (Prompto x Noctis) by SoThisIsHeartbreak
Angels Carried Us Away (Prompto Broken Soul
"Legends across Eos tell the story of an old tribe known to have been gifted by the Gods with the ability of seeing into the future. This ability manifested itself...
noctis || ater by izanamis
noctis || aterby naho
the astrals have long since signed the fate of the chosen one and yet, there was someone who couldn't agree with such a sacrifice. she assigned a human being a mission. ...
Secrets || Promptis by idksoothighs
Secrets || Promptisby idksoothighs
Title: Secrets Pairing: Promptis Genre: Angst Word Count: 1.4k Author note: Physically hurt to write i never wanna do this again get out of my life Promptis angst never...
ffxv rambles by worm_dad
ffxv ramblesby 👁️👅👁️
just what it says on the tin. may be nsfw.
Star fades... by Naminewitch
Star Naminewitch let the moon live. OR: AU of Altissia. Stella sacrifices herself to save Luna from Ardyn.
•resilient• by promptlyargentum
•resilient•by lux
Sice Trinder is on a mission: Niflheim ruined her life, so now shes spending her life ruining Niflheim. Outside of her vendetta, she's hopelessly alone in a foreign coun...
Final Fantasy XV Christmas Adventure by Fandom_Alphys
Final Fantasy XV Christmas Fandom_Alphys
Christmas in Insomnia is a festive time for young and old, especially for Noctis, his friends, Luna, and her brother. A wonderful celebration of the ice goddess Shiva is...
The Story Of Brave hearts & Unbreakable souls - Final Fantasy XV  by NindeRingeril8
The Story Of Brave hearts & Ninde Ringeril
Dee, Gena and John are best friends. They were together since childhood basically growing up together in Insomnia. All of them have a normal life, having their own shar...
Crownsguard | Noctis Lucis Caelum by Siri_isnotokay
Crownsguard | Noctis Lucis Caelumby siri
You're a runaway princess in hiding, he's a wayward prince thats possibly about to get hitched if he play's his cards right. What could go wrong?
Road Between ✨ Final Fantasy XV #Wattys2017 by storyfan09
Road Between ✨ Final Fantasy XV Kay
Avalon is the childhood friend of Prompto, and got to know Noctis through her friend. And when they begin a journey to help their friend, Avalon tries her best to keep h...