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When I Was Your Man by drunken_insanity
When I Was Your Manby noot noot
A SHORT STORY AU PJO -=-=-=- Luke Annabeth Percy -=-=-=- Singer Luke Castellam made a mistake he cannot fix. Now his girl is on someone else's hands -=-=-=- DISCLAIMER: ...
slam dunk | ✔ by achxllesheel
slam dunk | ✔by — 𝓢. ♡
- a percabeth au - Percy was the popular kid in all of Goode. His wins for the Goode Gorgons brought fame to the whole school. But this pride of his gets flattened by a...
begin again | ✔ by achxllesheel
begin again | ✔by — 𝓢. ♡
- sequel to 'slam dunk' - Years had passed. Annabeth now had a peaceful life. She works in a company, making contracts and desinging blueprints. She wasn't happy...she...
annabeth and Luke by Boogerface3598766
annabeth and Lukeby Gweterfan
sex, very mature stuff, Luke kidnapped annabeth. Takes place after book five of pjo, but before book one of HoO
Percy Jackson (Memes and More) by astaeronomy
Percy Jackson (Memes and More)by KC
THE FIRST BOOK OF PERCY JACKSON RANDOMNESS ON WATTPAD. (Not kidding. Damn copycats.) All things related to Percy Jackson. Pictures are either from the Internet, Pintere...
My Broken Pieces (Percabeth Au) by -tryingmybest
My Broken Pieces (Percabeth Au)by 𝙃𝘼𝙉𝙉𝘼𝙃
PERCY - He's the new guy, a bit of a trouble maker, and all the ladies love him. He plays football so he can be friends with the jocks, but actually likes to swim. He ca...
CHASING HABITS ||PERCABETH AU|| by copemechanism
"Percy Jackson and I? The day I fall for him is the day pigs fly. It's never going to happen." ~ All her life, Annabeth Chase had been homeschooled. Suddenly s...
And I'm Dancin' on to Your Heartbeat by rajitax
And I'm Dancin' on to Your rajita
A Percabeth [AU] songfic and fanfic based on the song "Symphony". "'I've been hearing symphonies Before all I heard was silence A rhapsody for you and me ...
Mistakes (A Percabeth Mortal AU) by Persassabeth4Eva
Mistakes (A Percabeth Mortal AU)by 𝓖𝓲𝓻𝓵 🔥𝓷 𝓕𝓲𝓻𝓮
Annabeth has been ignoring her friends lately and spending time with Luke Castellan, the school's resident player. What happens when the two start to date? This is based...
Percy Jackson II (Memes And More) by astaeronomy
Percy Jackson II (Memes And More)by KC
The second book of the first original Percy Jackson randomness book on Wattpad. Why? Because you can only have a limited number of chapters which is 200 and I've reached...
Just High School by rubikscube42
Just High Schoolby Mad
Have you ever wondered what it would be like if all the demigods we know so well from Rick Riordan's books were just normal mortals like us, whose greatest challenge in...
The Path to Elysium by AmberlyHuntress
The Path to Elysiumby Amberly
In which Annabeth dies, Percy is distraught and Luke never left Elysium. Warning: involves unmitigated blackmail of gods, excessive angst and heartbreak, the esteemed ar...
The Ocean's Wisdom| Percabeth AU ✔️ by Phoeniae
The Ocean's Wisdom| Percabeth AU ✔️by Phoeniae
When Luke cheats on Annabeth, her life falls apart. And the fact that her stepmother, Helen, was sending her to NYC was just adding insult to injury at this point. So An...
Heartbreak Girl  by Adriheartspercabeth
Heartbreak Girl by Adriheartspercabeth
*DISCONTINUED* (Percabeth AU) Percy Jackson is the band member of the insanely popular band, Dem Dam Demigods. All the girls love him, and would do anything just to date...
Enemy Territory by mychemicalthalia
Enemy Territoryby thalia
After he joined Kronos, Annabeth Chase swore she would forget about Luke Castellan. When she receives an unusual invitation, however, her life is turned around in ways t...
Dances (Lukercy) by Jseg108
Dances (Lukercy)by Jseg108
Annabeth Chase hates dances. Luke x Fem!Percy
The Fandom Games by hp_fangirl19
The Fandom Gamesby Random Cat
You know the story. 12 districts. 24 tributes. One evil dictator. A love story. A spark to light the fires of revolution. But this isn't Panem. This is the land of Fand...
Fickle in Love (Percabeth, Lukabeth, Percico) by TheOtterPrince
Fickle in Love (Percabeth, A. M. Klinger
There was always something special about that first love -- you never truly let go. (Percy Jackson fic; slash and het.)
Luke's Diaries by ZaZaCait
Luke's Diariesby ZaZa Cait
Hey Guys, welcome to another story. Me and my friend are going to be writing one chapter each. My POV'S Will be Luke, and Annabeth. My friends POV'S will be Thalia, and...
Percy Jackson and the Olympians meet  "the original demigods"  by BunnyFeliciano2
Percy Jackson and the Olympians Bunny Feliciano
Percy and his friends get called to the big house where they find out some shocking news. They find out about these Demigods who are called the "originals" bec...