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Lucario and Braixen- A Fiery Love Story by Pokemonfan472
Lucario and Braixen- A Fiery Pokemonfan472
-Cover made by BlueStrike- A young Braixen moves into a new apartment on her own, looking forward to beginning her own life at College. When she moves in, she meets a Lu...
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Pokemon High (Pokèmon fanfic) by TaxmicPhoenix
Pokemon High (Pokèmon fanfic)by TaxmicPhoenix
(Cover by a very close friend, thank you) This story is about a Lucario and his friends trying to survive high school, but a darkness grows inside of a certain Zoroark...
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Lucario X braixen/delphox love story by Lucariolover1000
Lucario X braixen/delphox love Ghost
Hi everyone my name is LucarioLover1000 and this is my first story ever so it probably won't be the best but enjoy anyway so this is about a Lucario who has always dream...
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Caught In The Act (Braixen X Lucario) by BROKEN_SM1LE
Caught In The Act (Braixen X sweetpea
hewo i know I still have to write another story I will later tho This story is about two 17 year old Pokemon, a female Braixen named Aura, and a male Lucario named Azur...
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Polygamy Diary (Lucario Edition) by CutieVictiniOwO
Polygamy Diary (Lucario Edition)by Victini
A little Riolu has 4 girls that are his friends and they all learn to love him, but they all got separated and must live their own life. But then they all reunite on a...
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Two Thieves in Love by Pika_Bu
Two Thieves in Loveby PikuPi123
Lucario, a suspicious thief who's never been caught before, meets a new townsfolk a Braxian, that appears to be the most dangerous thief, that would do anything to get h...
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One Lonely Lucario: a Pokemon high school story by LeafoCaval2004
One Lonely Lucario: a Pokemon LeafoCaval2004
Lucas was a lonely Lucario trough most of his life, being hated by most of the students in school, except one Sylveon who decided to try to learn his true self. watch as...
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I write stuff and shove it into your Wattpad library. by TallGlassofCringe
I write stuff and shove it into Tall Glass of Cringe
Hey look. Being a bored high school student, sometimes I have to let the tension cool off by expressing my randomness through writing. By now I've probably mentioned tha...
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The Legend of lucario  by Duke_Winchester
The Legend of lucario by Duke_Winchester
Long ago there was a ancient fable foretelling the future within hieroglyphics about the dark creature named mewtwo who would throw the world into shadows and corrupt t...
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the center home! a short pokemon love story by Lucariolover1000
the center home! a short pokemon Ghost
hi people! it's me again and yes i made ANOTHER lucarioXbraixen book! but i plan for this one to be short compared to other ones unless i get good ideas to use to make i...
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