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The Shadow Howlers by Firejump2020
The Shadow Howlersby Firejump2020
Jennifer Sinclair lost everything before she met her mate, her world got turned upside down in a matter of minutes and she went from being the top ranking female to bein...
Dance War by shohannahsashapompey
Dance Warby Shana_unknown
"The winner of 2012 Dance War is...!" ~~~ Anna is a well talented and smart dancer. She doesn't have the perfect life but she's still living and she's not anym...
Accidental Witness  by torievillarreal
Accidental Witness by torievillarreal
21 year old Stella Bold and her 19 year old sister Shannon are doing well for themselves. Each have their own apartment, and each of them have a steady job and car. Afte...
Operation: Venus by cosmicminds-
Operation: Venusby cosmicminds-
"don't look for any redeeming qualities, I don't have any." Venus Kline is the youngest of the FBI's most wanted and dangerous crime group. Untraceable and dan...
Stalking the Shadows by Volleyball_Legend_2
Stalking the Shadowsby Volleyball_Legend_2
Callie a normal girl was taken away from her family by royal guards for some mysterious reason. Will she make it back to her family and leave the kingdom? Axel a royal g...
Hard Decisions || MJ by invinciblejackson
Hard Decisions || MJby 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐯𝐞𝐧𝐥𝐲🥂.
read to find out..... hard /härd/ difficult to understand or solve. de·ci·sion /dəˈsiZHən/ a conclusion or resolution reached after consideration. ~~~~ era: bad - modern...
Dee's Monsters  by icy_bella
Dee's Monsters by icy_bella
Adira Sutton. A girl who has been through hell and back because of the blood running through her veins. She's a girl with a heavy past and unstable future. Alone in the...
90s Love by love990
90s Loveby Love
Set in California in the 1990s, follow Janae in her journey of navigating her high school life in an environment where it's easy to slip through the cracks. And the lov...
The Blood We Bleed by teenwolff101
The Blood We Bleedby teenwolff101
Arabella lives in a dystopian world where if you fail the monthly test, you're taken and never seen again. When her best friend is taken, Arabella would risk everything...
Kingdoms Falling by writinginflames
Kingdoms Fallingby R
❝ Lies, lies, LIES! ❞ King Malachi's voice boomed, the sound strong enough to bring a heartbeat back into the lifeless ghouls just outside this door. ❝ I can't help you...
How I Wish by eiram_sky
How I Wishby Ackerman
He's my bestfriend. Importante siya sa akin. At ayaw ko na nakikita s'yang nasasaktan. Pero kahit anong gawin ko, ayaw niya makinig sa akin. Ayaw niya maniwala na nilolo...
Consequences by doiseemtocare
Consequencesby kay
Life isn't always about happy endings, is it? ____ 3rd place in admiration awards 2nd place in rose gold awards
Raavana's Mandodari by virtueme01
Raavana's Mandodariby Sanjana Reddy
Holding me by my arm and effectively stopping me from going away, he whispered in my ear "I'm not the Raavana of Ramayan. I don't lust after women when I have you w...
Tender |H.S| by harryxsunflxwer
Tender |H.S|by ℬ𝒶𝓂𝒷𝒾
"I'm still convinced the rest of my life looks like you"
How It Goes For Us by potatohead_3107
How It Goes For Usby Miss Potatohead 3107
"Do you think this will work?" She said looking at me through her thick glasses. I replied with a grin on my face, "You tell me, who do you think I am? I...
The Phoniex And The Fire by DaughterofThor1
The Phoniex And The Fireby DaughterofThor1
Skyler Moon Dawn has had a hard life her mate rejected her she made a plan with her friends to get payback but eventually she finds out she is destined for something gre...
Compromise  by tehreem0125
Compromise by Tehreem Iftikhar
"Abbiya" he called her name "yes!" She looked at him "You are not my first love...I..I don't love you...! I just love Minal" he said right...
Kei's First Love | Cell Phone Novel  by fresshime
Kei's First Love | Cell Phone Nove...by Mel
// My First Cell Phone Novel // Nishima Kei lost the word of happiness in his diary of life. Too much pain that he went through all those time and he didn't want to be a...