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Loveyourselfher Stories

25 Stories

All BTS Notes: Chronological Order by saranderose
All BTS Notes: Chronological Orderby SarahLexy
HYYH, Young Forever, Youth, Wings, Love Yourself, Map of the Soul Every single note translated and put into chronological order. The series of diary entries of each char...
BTS GC > 'Her 承 by amourmxh
BTS GC > 'Her 承by amourmxh
Don't smile to me, lie to me.... BTS Grunge collection >>~ 'HER Love 起承轉結 -highest rank ~ #5 on loveyourselfher #5 on #btslyrics #40 on #loveyourselfher #89 o...
Uninvited (Yoonmin au) by rainbowfriday
Uninvited (Yoonmin au)by Kehlani
How one person took one step too close to a quiet kid in school and got sucked in. started: January 1, 2018 (my goal for 2018 is to finish the book) end: ?¿
Butterfly (BTS Fanfiction) [Completed] by jennhunter135
Butterfly (BTS Fanfiction) [Comple...by Jenn
"Was it a dream? Was it just a figment of my imagination? Was he just a figment? Was everyone? No, it was just Jimin. He was a figment of my imagination. He wasn't...
Falling Inlove [Vergara Series 1: Jk Vergara] by alyessastriem
Falling Inlove [Vergara Series 1:...by Kriza Wu
My name is Alexandra Marina Silvestre, 16, 4th year student. Mahulog sa taong hindi mo gusto ay hindi magiging madali pero pano kung sa una palang ay hulog kana di...
LOVE YOURSELF 承 'Her' LYRICS by Skye080594
Love Yourself 承 'Her' (stylized as LOVE YOURSELF 承 'Her') is the fifth extended playby South Korean boy group BTS. The EP was released on September 18, 2017 by Big Hit E...
Flower Shop (k.sj) by CherieRin
Flower Shop (k.sj)by 🌱🌱
A screech and a thud was all that was heard before screams emerged from the streets. She got hit. ~published: 11/18/18~
High School Musical || BTS FANFIC CROSSOVER [ON HOLD] by ihearteuagustd
High School Musical || BTS FANFIC...by lil shooky ♡
W-I-L-D-C-A-T-S! Make some noise!! --------- Yoongi Min, captain of the basketball team. Jimin Park, a shy & science loving boy. A fateful night, on New Years starts som...
Love Yourself: Her [ly series #1] || √ by yeontaerity
Love Yourself: Her [ly series #1]...by ˗ˏˋ 𝐤𝐚𝐫𝐚 ♡ ˎˊ˗
+ one-shot ❝ love yourself: her ❞ ↳ love yourself series #1 ↲ ❒ 180814 ❑ ©2018 ❖ @yeontaerity *** [180902] #7 MaiklingKwento [200421] #21 LoveYourselfHer [180902] #193...
Those Who Gave Us Love and Memories by NomadicHerd
Those Who Gave Us Love and Memoriesby NomadicHerd
I can see the stars from here, do you? Of course you do. You know I've never stopped to just see the stars on a night sky. But right now, I am looking up, because I know...
saturday // min yoongi  by AssFlute
saturday // min yoongi by ✌︎ b a n g t a n ✌︎
"I remember you." Lee Jae-in, a 16 year old girl from Daegu, is pitifully average and, in an attempt to be less so, takes piano lessons with a peculiar boy nam...
Cheater boy by em_baby101
Cheater boyby Em_Baby101
Jennie:y/n I think Jimin's cheating on you But your don't believe her but when you enter the school you see jimin&....
Love yourself:Her by LLLLPD
Love yourself:Herby LLLLPD
It was accidental but somehow I found happiness I realized that I was born this way I decided that I must give my all People found the difference in me No one believed i...
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her. by Sad_smol_Boi
her.by Declan Carter
the story of how i fell for her.