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Whispers of the Rain (Paraluman Series#1) by blaiirxim
Whispers of the Rain (Paraluman blaiirxim
Nathalia Ellara Vega portray a real person. Lara is a dean lister, she's pretty, she also play the piano and she likes reading romantic books. She met a guy who doesn't...
When We Meet Again  by CallmeAmelia1975
When We Meet Again by Amelia
Segunda parte de "18 with a children"
Danny Phantom X Reader by Pandalion23
Danny Phantom X Readerby Pandalion23
You've been friends with Danny Phantom since your freshman year of high school, when the both of you start having issues pertaining to your relationship you're given a g...
Come Back To Me by _loveforever_
Come Back To Meby _loveforever_
"Well, I'd like to have you forever," I whispered, turning my gaze towards him. Nothing in his gaze flinched. His lips turned into the slightest smile. "O...
The Brown Haired Heart Breakers by Ariacanyounott
The Brown Haired Heart Breakersby wolvain
Aria and Jackson seem like the perfect couple at their high school. But what happens when he thinks she's cheating on him? Read to find out!
The Last Dream of my Soul by cardans_tail
The Last Dream of my Soulby cardans_tail
"I fear my words are not truly mine" She confessed. "No one's words are ever truly theirs. All words have already been said, but keep writing, Thea"...
Let me Love you by superblycrafted
Let me Love youby Rosie
A story about a girl who learns how to let herself be loved by the boy she never thought would love her.
Billy Be Good (Robert Downey Jr. as the student in this Teacher/Student story) by Poly007
Billy Be Good (Robert Downey Jr. Poly
You have always read about The Teacher and Student Fictions, where Robert Downey Jr. is the teacher and his student is in love with him. What happens when tables are tur...
Flight 143 (Harry Styles) by Niallsgirl135
Flight 143 (Harry Styles)by Dayanna
Abigale Winters hates planes. First of all, they are high up in the sky, and second of all, the stories that she has been told or seen weren't so pretty. But coming back...
Forever: The Beauty of Robsten by Sadika_Robsten
Forever: The Beauty of Robstenby Sadika
This is a story about how "It all started". From the first ever audition to highs and lows of their relationship. The way they met, the way they fell in love...
The Beatles Imagines by holygrohl
The Beatles Imaginesby holygrohl
Stories for beatlemaniacs, different stories for each beatle. Hope you like it! DM me if you want a request! Ideas are always welcome :)
OBSESSION -JJK FF- •hiatus• by chimoby
OBSESSION -JJK FF- •hiatus•by - Jiminiliciouseu -
Stood Up  by quteyx
Stood Up by Ash
In which Annabelle gets stood up on a date and her night ends up taking an unexpected turn. Current ranking: #23 in Hopeless Romantic
Big Brother --> Big Troubles by harrison_mi
Big Brother --> Big Troublesby harrison_mi
Girls at Laguna High School can't help but fall for Lorenzo Mitchell. He's major crush material, especially because he looks so good sporting his letterman jacket every...
Chains of Destiny (Paraluman Series #2) by blaiirxim
Chains of Destiny (Paraluman blaiirxim
Peregrin Zarah Laurente portray a real person. Z is a daughter of a business woman who always get engage to the son of her mother acquaintance. Z doesn't complain becaus...
WANTED (The Runaways Series Book #2) by jr0127
WANTED (The Runaways Series Book Jenny
In book two of The Runaways, Hailey and Caleb's relationship is thrown into chaos when Sawyer Hughes, Hailey's brand new boss, sets out to steal her away. When a mistake...
Dear Diary (Complete) by lany_lyn3022
Dear Diary (Complete)by Lany Lyn
"More" he demanded. "What's with the sudden interest?" Before he reacts I hastily added some joke to lighten the mood. "Knock, knock."...
Louigan  by xxlouiseloganxx
Louigan by Carlix Rin
Fifteen year old, Louise Belcher is finally starting her first year of high school and she and Logan have gotten pretty close. They each feel a little something every he...
Remember me || Patrick Stump by SavannahTomlinson4
Remember me || Patrick Stumpby sav
"Just listen," Patrick says with tears in his eyes. I open my eyes wide now. I sit up as much as I can. And I listen. "Stay," he says. (A tribute t...
Found (sequel to Hidden) by misfitprincessss
Found (sequel to Hidden)by misfitprincessss
yn and Prince are finally at the place they want to be. They're financial stable, have a nice home for themselves, good jobs, everything should be fine. But even at thei...