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Pregnant by my Best Friends brother by tiktok_stories_1
Pregnant by my Best Friends brotherby Tiktok stories
Falling for her brothers best friend is one thing but getting pregnant is another, Bailey freaking out on what her best friend Olivia will say to find out she is going t...
How could you do this  by tiktok_stories_1
How could you do this by Tiktok stories
16 year old Jess goes to LA with her best friend and meets Josh Richards. They eventually fall in love and he ends up breaking her heart and Jess gets really depressed a...
Fuck me like a rockstar by tiktok_stories_1
Fuck me like a rockstarby Tiktok stories
Enid-Mai Rose Baker daughter of MGK and Megan Fox gets bullied by Jaden Hossler and his friends, what they don't know is that they make Enid feel insecure they make her...
abducted by tiktok_stories_1
abductedby Tiktok stories
16 year old Nessa Barrett grow up in a toxic household, she never had friends always alone and school. She didn't know who she can trust. 19 year old Jaden Hossler grow...
Love Is Dead by HamptonGirls
Love Is Deadby HamptonGirls
" Why are you so mean to me?" I say as tears run down my cheeks " Cause your worthless, and plus it's fun seeing you suffer" He says doing his evil s...
Love Never Dies by HamptonGirls
Love Never Diesby HamptonGirls
" So... Your names Gavin?" The girl says " Ya what about it?" I say sounding rougher than usual " It's just a nice name. Um I'm Coco" She s...
Love Killer  by NoemiSchuyler
Love Killer by NoemiSchuyler
Poem/Rant. Nothing more.
Life of Ladi: Girl Going Nowhere  by Bay212
Life of Ladi: Girl Going Nowhere by Ladia_Bay
How do you describe a broken heart? To me I imagine a tiny little creature, much like a fairy, so delicate, resides in all of us. so innocent, so sweet, not knowing what...
Love Dies Young by ddaeng52405
Love Dies Youngby annabanana_irl
Sooooo. I wrote a story. I hope you like it. I'm sorrry about the title Nam😭
The Second Chapter of the Mess I Call My Love Life by lyynden
The Second Chapter of the Mess I lyynden
Short story featuring the cringey but true experiences of yours truly.
Love. Pain. Torture. Repeat  by bcrane6
Love. Pain. Torture. Repeat by bcrane6
Just your average love story with a more accurate ending
Love is dead by Krezziness
Love is deadby Krezziness
When you are a secret agent and he is a drug dealer but you get kidnapped by him because he fell in love with you but you still report him but you already fell for him a...
love...♡♡ by sabsterrr
love...♡♡by sub...
Love. Well people talk about it a lot. Different people think differently about love. Most people believe that love exists. No one can prove it. My topic is completely n...
Dirty secrets  by sexyladystonight
Dirty secrets by Sexyladystonight
Hazel is just a plain 17 year old girl... With a bunch of dirty secrets. Hiding stuff from her parents. How long will that last? Read Hazel's story to find out more abou...
Love is Dead by Alyssa841055
Love is Deadby Alyssa841055
Love is Dead is about Clara that finds out about her parents idea of divorcing. She doesn't want her parents to divorce so she does anything to help her but nothing can...