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Chemistry (L.T.) by futureATomlinson3
Chemistry (L.T.)by futureATomlinson3
COMPLETE "The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is a reaction, both are transformed." Alexia Holloway has t...
Dulce desvelo | Larry OS by saturnd
Dulce desvelo | Larry OSby - ̗̀ cuervito ̖́-
Sumario: Louis tiene una de esas noches en donde le cuesta demasiado dormir, sus pensamientos no le dejan conciliar el sueño. Ronquidos mas graciosos que ruidosos se esc...
Flaming Phoenix (Niall Horan AU) by _spntotw_
Flaming Phoenix (Niall Horan AU)by _spntotw_
*Second book of the "Criminal Profiling" Trilogy* "Niall is alive" Those three certain words spoken to Raven Ella Smith had turned her world upside...
W E T [l.t. au] by ImaginaryOwls
W E T [l.t. au]by ImaginaryOwls
"I don't think he knows what being dry looks like." "Why do you say that?" "Because, every time I've had an encounter with him, he's been wet.&q...
Pumped Up Kicks (l.t) by chapterhappygirl
Pumped Up Kicks (l.t)by Kayla
(Short Story/AU) I've always contemplated what my worst fear was. I'd stay awake at night over thinking all the things that terrified me. The typical answers are things...
16 days ; lwt {SHORT STORY}✅ by zainszolo
16 days ; lwt {SHORT STORY}✅by ♡Ishu♡
COMPLETED They went to the pier to end their lives but little did they know that they'd be saving each other. ~~ DISCLAIMER: This story is purely a work of fictio...
Inside (Louis Tomlinson AU) by justageekx
Inside (Louis Tomlinson AU)by Maci
Inside is a book about Louis Tomlinson if he were never famous. He Lives in Doncaster and he goes to school like any normal teen would. He gets picked on and bullied but...
The Accidental Text (Louis Tomlinson) by liz71729
The Accidental Text (Louis Tomlins...by Lizzie
Tiffany Heart. Louis Tomlinson. College students. The two accidently meet, but appear to go through a realistic relationship with bumps and scratches. The two, deeply in...
New Girl || l.t by _blockheadgreen_
New Girl || l.tby _blockheadgreen_
**this story goes along with one of my other stories, Help There's no doubt he was attracted to the new girl. He's usually attracted to a lot of girls, but she stuck out...
remember? // l.t. by onedeez
remember? // l.t.by el
❝Louis...babe this is me Louis, remember?❞ a story about how all the happy memories of an engaged couple will be thrown away in just a blink of an eye ©Copyright 2015; El
Coma~Louis Tomlinson AU by NikkixMrp
Coma~Louis Tomlinson AUby Baby
Nicole's Boyfriend has been in a Coma for over a year, how is she still coping with this when everywhere she turns there's a reminder of him in the house they shared bef...
Ineffable || Louis Tomlinson a.u. by zainszolo
Ineffable || Louis Tomlinson a.u.by ♡Ishu♡
"so what are you in for?" ∆∆ "sexual assault, you?" ∆∆ "drug abuse" ∆∆ INEFFABLE (adj) too great to be...
worthless >> l.t by harryzbeaniex
worthless >> l.tby harryzbeaniex
\ worthless / ADJECTIVE having no real value or use. • (of a person) having no good qualities, deserving contempt. ||in which her favorite word was worthless and his fav...
Chicken Factory → Louis Tomlinson Au by niftyniv
Chicken Factory → Louis Tomlinson...by nivek
Vivianne Rogers is a 22 year old girl who is eccentric, but somehow pulls it off. Her main goal is to make money and live her life. She ended up meeting a boy and a who...
Night Howler (Niall Horan AU) by _spntotw_
Night Howler (Niall Horan AU)by _spntotw_
*1/2 Spin Off Series to Criminal Profiling* Niall James Horan has everything planned out. He was going to college to study his passions and most importantly he was goin...