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𝗔𝗻𝗴𝘀𝘁 : : BILL SKARSGÅRD ❀by rachet bitches cocaina
bill loves taking his anger out on his pretty little princess storm published-- 6/26/18 finished-- 11/13/18
Wild Things by SolLunaEstrellas
Wild Thingsby Valentina
The women of Fifth Harmony have all gone their separate ways in life. Four years later in the year 2021, the once singers are thrown an opportunity to take back their dr...
Adopted by Mia and Thomas by tiktokstories83
Adopted by Mia and Thomasby tiktokstories83
Chloe is a 3 year old girl who has been through too much at her age. One day she gets adopted by Thomas and Mia Petrou.
The Baby Project by lucky_104
The Baby Projectby lucky_104
What happens when your average school baby project gets a little more...real?
Imaginary by Sruane
Imaginaryby Sophie Ruana
Vivienne Day dies on the day of her 14th birthday. only to discover that instead of going to heaven or hell she finds herself in the bedroom of a six year old girl calle...
Little Marine by Stormy_nightz
Little Marineby KING OF COWS
EDITING IN PROGRESS Arkham J. Kota is a U.S. Marine quickly climbing the ranks. Arkham's tormented by his past. At the tender age of seven his mother was murdered by hi...
Cross my heart, hope to die by keys_23
Cross my heart, hope to dieby keys_23
"Cross my heart and hope to die" i said looking looking up at Jayden He looked so confused. "I can't believe you don't remember that!" I whisper yell...
Found On the Doorstep by Kendall_0213
Found On the Doorstepby Kendall
Little Taylor Ann is dropped off on the doorstep, in the dead of winter, at only eighteen months. Luckily, the owner of the house answers the door not long after she was...
Raising Rivals by greenvains
Raising Rivalsby Slushie
"Honey what did we say about talking to strangers?" Ayano asked her youngest child. "Not to make them feel like they're stupid even though they most likel...
The Clockworks Charm by Sanjuuuu003
The Clockworks Charmby Sanjuuuu003
Fantasy - fiction A little kid has a huge desire of accomplishing his dream ,but his parents aren't supportive regarding his decision to achieve that particular dream...
Brothers from another mother | Chanbaek by Familyfanfiction
Brothers from another mother | Familyfanfiction
{ONGOING and RE-UPLOADING} Chanyeol and Baekhyun and other kids are adopted by Suho and Kris. In this story you can see how they together live as one family. They grow u...
amazing things i did as a kid, and other shiz by nicodiangelo786
amazing things i did as a kid, 💙dam hades kid💙
hey seaweeds, this is mostly for people who already follow me to get to know me a bit more. it'll mostly be things i did as a little kid, but there might be some rants a...
The Babysitter (Sequel To My Sexy Babysitter) by shortthingg
The Babysitter (Sequel To My Megan ✨
Taylor, Michael, and Jacob are back with some exciting new adventures and new discoveries. Taylor and Michael have a 6 year old girl, Kinley, and she ends up crossing...
Hiccstrid: The Younger Years by IceChill64
Hiccstrid: The Younger Yearsby My Profile Pic is Just a Reac...
Basically Hiccup and Astrid as little kids, I loved writing them like that so much in Realization, I thought I'd do an entire story based around it!
young son of Summer And Tie by hypernomad_sole
young son of Summer And Tieby pidge kat gunderson
Changeing this to the missing child of summer and tieyang ps dont own rwby or any pictures
Lucy's Furry Fox by TossOutTitle
Lucy's Furry Foxby TossOutTitle
Lucy gets a pet fox! It's Lucy's Furry Fox not Lucy's fury don't listen to Sydney. Children's book
All Nighter With Brock and Boston Goes Too Far by kiralukas85
All Nighter With Brock and Kira Lukas
When a 16 year old boy and a 15 year old girl pull an all-nighter, they go a little too far.
Pets by LizbethQueen45
Petsby LizbethQueen45
This was a story written by my eight year old sister for a contest at school. She didn't win, :( but I think it's adorable so I'm posting it here for her. Please please...
Daddy (Evak) by ARIALLHORAN
Daddy (Evak)by AriallHook
Tras la muerte de su hermana, Isak tiene que hacerse cargo de su sobrino. Ahora, con tan solo 22 años, Isak tiene que compaginar estudiar, trabajar en una cafetería y, d...
The Baby Boyfriend by Ilovecats1024
The Baby Boyfriendby Ilovecats1024
Besties. Ever scene birth. Until he moved away.