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Simba x reader by DocLust757
Simba x readerby TheCandyMan
Simba's wife died and hes looking for a new queen of pride rock. Could it be you? The strapping young lion/ess who was accepted into the pride from a distant land. Warni...
Yuki: The Lion King by BiancaEvans2
Yuki: The Lion Kingby LegolasG5*
I am sure you have all read or watched the Lion King. But have you heard of Yuki Nala's and Simba other best friend. This is a story of how they meet Yuki and how she jo...
Aurora: Lion King by BiancaEvans2
Aurora: Lion Kingby LegolasG5*
This story is about an orphan cub found on the edge of the pride lands. That was adopted by Sarabi and Mufasa. They named the cub Aurora as they found her at dawn. How d...
A Lions Prize by Maskedvillain01
A Lions Prizeby Maskedvillain01
*This will be the lion king universe but in half lion half human mixed with a bit differently * What if a spirit human female was found in the pride lands half starved a...
My name is not Scar by ChrissieKallenbach
My name is not Scarby Chrissie K
Reimagining. What if Scar was never the Villain?
Humans in the pridelands (Under Construction) (ON HOLD)  by lushe-nee
Humans in the pridelands (Under Mia
Two kids named Damian and Jada tae a trip to africa to get away from thier old life, but thier plane crashes and they find themselves stranded and injured, until they me...
The Lion King: Kion's Betrayal   by anash2969
The Lion King: Kion's Betrayal by Amber Nash
Alternate universe where the lion guard doesn't exist. Kion gets mistreated by his older brother as a cub and fights back with anger and hate, then slowly gets manipulat...
Spirit ⇾ King Ben by aceoftrash
Spirit ⇾ King Benby 𝒂𝒖𝒓𝒐𝒓𝒂
Can you feel it? (caged rewrite) (all rights to disney)
Sister of Simba: Amara's Story by Melkinz240
Sister of Simba: Amara's Storyby Melkinz240
What if Simba had a sister? This lion king fan-fiction tells us about the life of Simba's sister, Amara. It's is a tale of woe,sisterly love, forbidden love, and the bet...
Kion and Kovu's Secret Romance by KionTheLeader
Kion and Kovu's Secret Romanceby KionTheLeader
This story happens a few days after the episode 'Lions of the Outlands' from season 1 of The Lion Guard. When Kion meets Kovu again, he finds out Kovu isn't as bad as he...
The Lion Guard Meets Selena Burns by cookiemonsterRULEZ
The Lion Guard Meets Selena Burnsby Kaitlyn N. Lowe
I was a normal girl in biology class one morning, watching The Lion Guard instead of completing my lab when it happened. I was sucked into the computer screen and into t...
Scar x Zira: The Lost Heir by eel0225
Scar x Zira: The Lost Heirby I love animals
This story plays out events that are my theory on what happened before, during, and after Scar's Reign. Scar and Zira are the leaders of the Outsiders and they are plann...
caged ⇢ prince ben. (discontinued) by aceofpuns
caged ⇢ prince ben. (discontinued)by 𝒃𝒍𝒂𝒄𝒌 𝒍𝒊𝒗𝒆𝒔 𝒎𝒂𝒕�...
CAGED! | ❛Yes, my teeth, and ambition's are bared; be prepared!❜ ( prince ben/oc ) ( descendants i - ii ) ( all rights to disney )
Lion king 2 Vitani x reader by braylla_camie
Lion king 2 Vitani x readerby braylla_camie
You are kiara's sister but you look more like your mother nala you have her fur color and her eyes but you have 3 scars going across your furry chest you got the scars...
The Star Of The Pridelands by Aren_Hufflepuff1980
The Star Of The Pridelandsby Aren Hufflepuff
Mufasa and Sarabi who have Simba also have Zorya. They call her the Star of the Pridelands.
the prehistoric king by DiarcyWalker
the prehistoric kingby king the conquerer
This is a story of a young feline who was brought from his world where powerful predators roamed into the world of the lion king. later he becomes the most powerful sin...
2 hunters (nala and 2016 kaa) by DurpFace5
2 hunters (nala and 2016 kaa)by Durp Face
story of 2 hunters that like to have fun
A New Generation by Wuttquad
A New Generationby Stop. Stop. You're Annoying.
I'm sure we're all familiar with the scene when Kovu proposes to run away with Kiara. What if she never declined? If she decided to run away with him. Her parents would...
I'll Be Good (English) by LillyDiaz18
I'll Be Good (English)by Lilly
(Based on the Disney movie The Lion King and The Lion Guard series) A group of rogue hyenas arrive to The Outlands and Jasiri, intrigued, decides to observe them. With t...
Two worlds one family by MarthaJacobs
Two worlds one familyby Martha
What if Sarabi and Mufasa took in a human baby into their pride?