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baby girl :: a.g. (drake) by urbanbrielle
baby girl :: a.g. (drake)by Ms. White
"What's your logical explanation for this?" "I want you to be my baby girl, isn't that enough?" OR When drizzy (Drake) meets his better half at a clu...
Real love by Sparkwriters_
Real loveby Sparkwriters_
Aaliyah is a new recording artist who is trying to purse her dreams. She loves to write and sing but can she fulfill her goal to become a big hit singer. Being single wi...
The daughter of Nicki  by thisforallmygays
The daughter of Nicki by what’s poppin 🆗💜
it's a secret read it and you'll find out . shhh?
Yn imagines  by itskekepooh
Yn imagines by 𝐊𝐞𝐤𝐞🥺🦋
A book full of yn(your name ) and a celebrity imagines.
Drugs And Money by UnicornNinjaa_
Drugs And Moneyby Jaeda ❤️💍
Nicki is a straight A student and is very innocent. What will happen when she runs into a hardcore drug dealer who lives across the street from her? Well he ruin her car...
A Lil Wayne & Nicki Minaj Love Story by ThatYoungK
A Lil Wayne & Nicki Minaj Love ThatYoungK
A story about how rapper and record company owner, Lil Wayne, not only finds the ideal female rapper to sign to his company but he also finds love.
Guilty by marieclassr
Guiltyby Barbieyonce._
What happens when Nicki runs off with Rihanna without warning to bey after their fight?- read to find out.
Lost One by sbarbie_
Lost Oneby 𝗮𝘆𝘀𝗵𝗶𝗮𝗮𝗮
based off "Lost One" by Jasmine Sullivan. beynika.
Song lyrics of Barbie movies by roselady5
Song lyrics of Barbie moviesby Rose
Here is a book full of song lyrics of Barbie movies for all Barbie fans....
I cant believe you wayne...(wayne and nicki story) by animedelover
I cant believe you wayne...( K.00kills~V
An artist whom been in the game with her ace Wayne had much to learn. Dwayne Carter been in the business, For awhile. Ever since she's been signed, her feelings had been...
Twins by qweenbrea
Twinsby girllllllllllllll
So I Had An Idea For A Story And Here Is The Description Two Sets of Twins Are Performing At Lil Wayne And Drakes Event Little Do They Twins Know They're Quads And They'...
The addicts to dora's feet  by Lilnasbabyx
The addicts to dora's feet by Lilnasbabyx
Everyone who rubbed dora's feet is addicted to dora, they would die for dora and kill for dora. Shrek put a stop to that by murdering dora. But that didnt seem to work s...
adopted by nicki minaj by Octavia_Estrella
adopted by nicki minajby Arizona
In which a young girl and her friends are adopted by their biggest idols. Will it be fairytales and rainbows or will it be darkness and nightmares? Read to follow them i...
Roxanne by arakim_a
Roxanneby MoonSun
We all make bad decisions right? Well, Imani has. Ever since high school she wished she never met Jack and his crew.
Are You The One Book 1 by Auggie_boo
Are You The One Book 1by Auggie_boo
India Perteze is looking for the perfect guy that doesn't cheat and she has many obstacles in her way to get to that perfect person she is looking for but little does sh...
Life of Amour  by C_TheWriter
Life of Amour by C_TheWriter
Amour Manaj is the 16 year old daughter of Nicki Minaj and Drake. Only Family and close friends know that Drake is her Father but after a drunken night of fun with her f...
The Best Songs by theerealexotic
The Best Songsby The reallll
I'm finna pyo Photos from Google & Pinterest
Mona Lisa by ThaKid_Snapback
Mona Lisaby ThaKid
It's was all about the first.
When You Say Love Me That's What Ment (Lil Wyane Story) by lover_diva
When You Say Love Me That's What Tynia Vaughn 💋💗💔💓💑😁😁😂...
Hi my name Is Naomi Carter wondering if last name sounds familiar will I am married to Lil Wayne the rapper we been married for 1 year now going 2 next month. We don't h...