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Sugar To My Lolita by apolloundercover
Sugar To My Lolitaby Apollo
"It's okay darling, i'm right here. I've got you." "Thank you daddy." [] Contains Sexual/Mature scenes []
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Little Academy by SW_Reality
Little Academyby TheRealScragglyDaddy
Bri gets to go to the school of her dreams, a school for littles, and goes through just about everything you could imagine (Yes that description sucked)
Baby (michael myers x reader dd/lg) by RaevynEden
Baby (michael myers x reader dd/lg)by Baybfayce
Okay so this contains DD/lg if you dont like that then please dont read.
Whisper In Her Ear by Reidling9279
Whisper In Her Earby Reidling9279
Rated M + CW for torture, assault, self harm, bdsm, ddlg (in later chapters Spencer Reid/OC Her eyes held something that made him feel like he was coming home, like he...
The Shy One by Nerdy_Isabella_Bee
The Shy Oneby Isabella Stein
Isabella. She's known about littlespace for the longest time and is a proud little. But only around her best friend. And that's about it. Calling her shy is an understat...
DEVILLE: HOODS & HORNS by jawncuffies
Our favorite Duo is back again on another Magical adventure full of love, lust, mystery, and danger! Follow James and Olivia who have fled the country for a better life...
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Finding Delilah (DDLG) by Queen-Tanny
Finding Delilah (DDLG)by Queen-Tanny
Book 3 of 'Our Little Delilah." Who will find her?
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Daddy Andy Biersack. (SMUT, FANFIC, DD/LG) by Kenzi-Babe001
Daddy Andy Biersack. (SMUT, FANFIC...by Binki-baby001
This book is about a rather young girl, Evelyn Lynnay who is just only 16 years old an goes to Brook Field High School, And she is one of Andy's biggest fans.!! Andy is...
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my emo alpha master by Anastasiaowsley
my emo alpha masterby Anastasia
Stasia is a 20 year old girl with parents who hate her, a sister that's a bitch, and now a mate that's a emo alpha? Not only is the alpha possessive, but he also loves b...
Care For Me by Ciara1lynn
Care For Meby LostChild
When a new bar opens in town, Ery, a depressed, anxiety ridden, and currently jobless 21 year old girl, doesn't realize what it is. Because she is of the legal drinking...
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Brooklyn's new life by darkshadow75
Brooklyn's new lifeby DarkShadow
What happens when people find out about Brooklyn's abusive father? Will someone help her? Age play Kidnapping Self harm (I am editing the book so please excuse mistakes...
Gotcha, gay! by _xXLilGirlXx_
Gotcha, gay!by 🔥тσ∂σɾσкι❄️
LG photos ans gifs. If you don't like them/If you're homophob, go away from here!
Little Kaylee's Tantrum by PoutyPrincessKid
Little Kaylee's Tantrumby Pouty Princess
This is a story of a little girl named Kaylee who is having a meltdown type temper tantrum & is taken to a mental health facility for children where she is cared for in...
young love // a ddlg story  by littlebee717
young love // a ddlg story by buggy
✨A ddlg story✨ - - - - {permanently incomplete} - - - - {highest rank #253 in young} {highest rank #196 in daddysgirl} 12/10/2019 {highest rank #250 in young} 2/20/2019 ...
Daddy's Little Princess  ✅ by Little_Baby_Cari
Daddy's Little Princess ✅by 🙈Cari🙈
Carmen is young teen girl who is best freinds with another girl named Josie . One day , Josie invites Carmen over at her house for a sleepover and Carmen meets Josie's s...
The Gang Leader's Princess  by DDLG_Writer
The Gang Leader's Princess by DDLG_Writer
A Powerful Gang Leader, One Innocent Girl, And Lots Of Jealousy, Blood, And Fighting. What Could Go Wrong? *** THIS IS A DDLG BOOK! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK AND I WILL NOT...
Daddy? (Logan Paul DD/lg and petplay fan fic) by HannahEaton0
Daddy? (Logan Paul DD/lg and petpl...by Scarlette Black
"Hi. I'm sorry to bother you but my I made the mistake of calling you cute in front of my friend and now she's making me give you my number for a new stuffie and co...
Their Flower by _Gantrick_
Their Flowerby _Gantrick_
"Who's she." Jane looked through the window. "Looks like Swan has a sister." Demetri spoke. "So she does." Alec spoke. Sitting on the fl...
Daddy's Angel by ShortStrap
Daddy's Angelby PrinPrinn
This is a intense smut filled ddlg story about a young little named Madison and very dominate stern daddy. (18+) tons of different and interesting kinks included.
The Dominants by TrinityQuartz
The Dominantsby TrinityQuartz
Haven Rose Has been dreading this day for a week. The day she meets her Daddy/Dominant. Thanks to her mother forcing her to take the Bdsm test to figure out where her da...