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Ad Astra by ad_meliora
Ad Astraby Maeve
[LGBTQ+ New Adult Fantasy] In the colonized country of Landiani, Fetia is no stranger to the oppressive tactics of the Magnuvians, who first conquered the nation decades...
Rainy picnic by barunarunner
Rainy picnicby Bara Bosci
... short lesbian story about Reia, bumping into a strange mushroom woman in a fairy forest...
The Court of the Magical by Writing_Is_Too_Hard
The Court of the Magicalby Writing_Is_Too_Hard
Nox has lived the past eleven years as a thief, on the run from the law and she is used to being hunted by bounty hunters. But when she is finally taken by a supposed bo...
Amelia's MRI Ride by Bobbiejelly
Amelia's MRI Rideby bobbiejelly
When Carina DeLuca offers Amelia a chance to bring herself pleasure all in the name of science, it is an offer she cannot refuse.
My Mate (Sample) by authortheorose
My Mate (Sample)by Theodora Rosenberg
~International Contemporary Fantasy Bestseller~ Amelia Billie Gabriel stopped ageing in 1955 after living through the great depression and world war two. Now, she is the...
Soulmates- Lesbian-GXG by Tailoredlove
Soulmates- Lesbian-GXGby Tailoredlove
Cammie is finally settled in France when her parents plan a sudden move. Confused on her feelings for girls, Cammie is unaware that the move is gonna be one hell of a ri...
Secret Sentiments by The_Tit_Lover
Secret Sentimentsby Amethist Winters
In a time long ago in a land of old, a young princess by the name of Ingrid struggles with both her identity and with her overbearing family. Join her on her quest to fi...
Daughter of Dracula (GirlxGirl)  by cold_french_fry
Daughter of Dracula (GirlxGirl) by Sarah♥
"Kiss me" she whispered "I can't do that" "Why not" she asked, her brows furrowed as she looked at me. I could almost laugh at how cute sh...
The Night Shift by SimplyMuffin
The Night Shiftby Muffin
Carmen is in the last year of her emergency medicine residency. She decided to give up her morning shifts as a favor to her co-worker for the week. One night, a mysteri...
The Wrath of the Almost-Prince by HelenFae5
The Wrath of the Almost-Princeby HelenFae5
Symoon, Sian to most, is the strongest elf of his time. He could have the throne of the strongest empire, have ultimate power, yet he let all of that slip away. Now he h...
with great power comes great responsibility  by Mikayla69666
with great power comes great respo...by mikayla69666
Aurora has to endure high school along with dealing with her powers as a witch
I Feel Free When I'm Tied to You by StarroftheShow
I Feel Free When I'm Tied to Youby StarroftheShow
Fantasy novel with lesbians falling in love and fighting.
Fox Tails and Cotton Wool by NicoDreamyMouse
Fox Tails and Cotton Woolby ❤️~Mouse The Dreamer~❤️(ON HI...
After awakening two magical spirits, Audrey is suddenly transformed into a fox and Ella transforms into a sheep. The main point is that the fox gets to have all the good...
Witch of the Marigold Forest by lilwinifred
Witch of the Marigold Forestby z
A queer witch, elves, and an unfair king. Winifred has endured much, but can she survive with the most vicious assassin of all time sent after her? Battling her inner de...
I Met Hell by LaurenCurry
I Met Hellby LaurenCurry
It'll be a cold day in hell when a demon walks the earth. Little did they know that the earth would freeze along with it. Authors note- chapters will be updated on a w...
It's Not Too Late by _moonlight_writer_
It's Not Too Lateby Nina Iseli-Adams
Clarie is an ordinary girl. At least that's what everyone thinks, including Clarie. But hasn't there always been something strange about her? The way things happened whe...
Alexandria's Genesis (gxg) by trying_to_grow_up
Alexandria's Genesis (gxg)by trying_to_grow_up
People die. It's the way the world works and always has. Whether it's suicide, illness-related, or of old age, it always seems to find us, and complete its job. Kelsea n...
Armour and Silk by hayleyiswriting
Armour and Silkby hayleyiswriting
Kalona is duty bound to continue her waning bloodline, whether she likes it or not. Under her mother-the Queen's-watchful eye, she feels powerless to change her fate, wr...