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Loved By My Ex-boyfriend's Brother || ItaNaru by tsukasa-senpai
Loved By My Ex-boyfriend's Brother...by Tsukasa-senpai
Sazuke took away Naruto's virginity and left him heart-broken he regretted it a lot. 14 years later, they met. But Naruto was already married and have some kids from ano...
The meeting  by oldaccount0330
The meeting by Old account (•_•)
Strangers then predator and pray then allies and now lovers what happens?! Well read and find out!!
ON HOLD Lee X Gaara Fanfiction  by kritanta
ON HOLD Lee X Gaara Fanfiction by kritanta
Gaara comes to the hidden leaf village for some training in hand to hand combat and to see a certain green jumpsuit wearing taijutsu loving expert That he can't seem to...
Its called a hug by Gaybertooth
Its called a hugby BunBun
this is going to be my 1st Gaalee or Leegaa fanfic so enjoy
Coming Home by GabiJacinto
Coming Homeby I am Legion
Lee is feeling strangely around Gaara and struggles with the reason why.
I... I'm In Love...? [Gaalee College AU!] by Spifferrrrrr
I... I'm In Love...? [Gaalee Colle...by Spifferrrrrr
Rock Lee starts his first day back to college. This year he's a Junior! But what will happen when his studies go a little off course after meeting a handsome man at a fl...
Troubles of a Kazekage (LeeGaa) by rosetealatte
Troubles of a Kazekage (LeeGaa)by Nari O’Mara
Lee and Gaara had been secretly married for over five years, with only Kankuro and Temari knowing about them. The leaf village residents want to know who Metal Lee's mo...
Rock Lee x Gaara  by nonexistentauthor
Rock Lee x Gaara by Mikki
I'll try to keep on updateing this one more often then the rest~ !It will be updated at least 12:00 pm! (AZ) After being divorce with Ten Ten, Lee starts feeling sad. B...
Cause I've Got...You by RockLeeSimp4Eva
Cause I've Got...Youby princess guerrier
Well this is my first story I'm only going to continue making chapters if people read them...this book is 13+ (because I'm 13 😅) The info about the story will be in the...
Don't Give Up On Me (Unfinished) by mileenazel
Don't Give Up On Me (Unfinished)by Raina Allythorn
So, this is a Lee & Gaara high school fanfic. I got the idea from a few pictures and thought 'Fuck it Im gonna write something for these pictures.' So here it is; read m...
Brighter day (LEEGAA Oneshot) by Pokemon_Fan
Brighter day (LEEGAA Oneshot)by :)))))
This is a Lee X Gaara oneshot dedicated to @FujoshiAngst since it's her birthday!! Edit: Just changed the cover, I didn't edit it or anything :P On July 16, 2019 DISCLA...
Love heals all sore [¦ Gaalee oneshot ¦] (finished)  by hiruko_1234
Love heals all sore [¦ Gaalee ones...by hiruko Uchia
Gaara is alone. Everyone avoided him and hated him. But when Lee, a boy from Konoha came for a mission to Suna, everything changed. He showed him, what love is and mean...
A NEW LIFE  (A NARUTO FANFIC ) by SharaynaJhingta
A NEW LIFE (A NARUTO FANFIC )by anime lover
So.... this is the first time I am writing a fanfic so plz go easy on me. There is no description for this so u gotta just read for a while. Hope u enjoy.
The Best Gift Ever Leegaa by Kate_rulz
The Best Gift Ever Leegaaby Kate_rulz
Gaara Came all the way from suna to tell Rock Lee his feelings but Lee has another date. Will this end up in a heart break for Gaara or a new beginning for love ?
GaaLee || You're the one. by EmmersonEdwards
GaaLee || You're the one.by Tiza The Alien
Rock Lee is happily Married to Tenten, and has a child with her. Their kid is a young ninja named Metal, who just enrolled into the ninja academy. As a busy father and a...
The big book of smut. by lowkeyscrew2020
The big book of smut.by Mathylda Ndosimau
A book about smut and all my favorite gay ships, like klance, Drarry , narusasu, tododeku... so on and so forth. THIS IS SMUT and very kinky stuff, you have been warne...
Never Forget by MistakeAtBirth
Never Forgetby Bre
Its time for Lee to let go. It's time for Gaara to confess his feelings. It's time for Lee to say goodbye Its time for Gaara to realize who he really wanted all along ...
The Essence Of Us -A GaaLee Love Story- by narwhalz_r_kewl
The Essence Of Us -A GaaLee Love S...by narwhalz_r_kewl
A GaaLee fanfiction Hating the fact that his craving for Lee from the exams is catching up to him won't stop him from finding Lee in order to get the hopeless thought o...
(Paused) Broken Promises by Kate_rulz
(Paused) Broken Promisesby Kate_rulz
Warning !!! Death is involved !!! A sad story. Summary: Lee and Gaara is part of the military. They are fighting the Mist for territory. Gaara being the Commander had t...