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Quidditch Captains | Larry Stylinson by haz-loves-tommo
Quidditch Captains | Larry hazlovestommo
The one in which Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson attend Hogwarts, hate each other's guts, prank each other, fake date (and fail miserably at it), time travel, screw up...
The Cliques (Larry Stylinson) {Punk!Harry} by foreverme20
The Cliques (Larry Stylinson) { foreverme20
[Completed] Two Popular Cliques. One School. Both want to rule the school, but can't because of their fellow clique. Both cliques hate each other, everyone knows that. B...
Immortally Mine (Larry) by bitemelou
Immortally Mine (Larry)by ashley
Niall looked very scared of me. "You're not even you- definitely not you. You look like a.. like.. a wolf or something.." "Wait-" I pushed him off of...
Together now. Larry Stylinson Ageplay by golden_adore
Together now. Larry Stylinson golden_adore
Louis becomes Harry's legal guardian. NOTHING SEXUAL!!!
MOSTLY LARRY SHIZ by likestrawberries_
In which I post old and new One Direction memes and Larry proofs.
Two Fingers by MynneGordiano
Two Fingersby Mynne
Louis Tomlinson é um católico fervoroso, homofóbico e tem câncer. Harry Styles é ateu, gay e é o melhor oncologista da região. Dois mundos se encontram e entram em choqu...
Losing My Love~ Larry/Zarry Fanfic by Iluvzerrie223
Losing My Love~ Larry/Zarry Fanficby Liv
Larry was there name for years, they were called fags by others but were still together and were going to be together forever But What happens when there fight and are...
Shades of Blue. (l.s.) {terminada} by DrugBlue
Shades of Blue. (l.s.) {terminada}by drugblue
Donde Louis es dibujante. Y Harry es una mariposa. † «La mariposa volotea y arde con el sol a veces...» Pablo Neruda. #300 in fanfic (31/01/16) #381 in Fanf...
Music and Lyrics (Larry Stylinson) by LHStylinson
Music and Lyrics (Larry Stylinson)by LHStylinson
Louis composes and Harry records. Neither of them is very good at expressing how they feel but what will happen when these two worlds collide? Will the reveal of Louis'...
Scars and Sentences » l.s. by dgirdnkog
Scars and Sentences » I love you
Louis and Harry met in the toilets. ~~~ Alright, so this is a Larry Stylinson Fanfiction with a twist. It's a sentence book. Which means, every chapter merely gets...
Jumanji - Love Spy 2 by Midnight_Gamer_
Jumanji - Love Spy 2by Midnight_Gamer_
Dopo la turbolenta avventura in India, i nostri eroi si sono imbattuti in tante altre missioni, una più pericolosa dell'altra. All'alba di un nuovo incarico scopriranno...
WATERMELON SUGAR  by gaiabussi
Il giovane Harry Edward Styles, cantante noto per essere stato la voce della sua ex band ha deciso ufficialmente di iniziare una carriera da solista. Fin qui può sembrar...
ცუდი მატყუარა by Morethanyoubaby
ცუდი მატყუარაby 🌈🌙
-მამა მე გეი არ ვარ! -მოკეტე ჰარი ყველაფერი საკუთარი თვალით დავინახე მის გაუპატიურებას ცდილობდი,მემკვიდრეობიდან ერთ ცენტსაც კი ვერ მიიღებ! -როგორ შეგიძლია ასე ენდო ქალს...
50 shades of Larry (Larry Stylinson AU) by lovingthat1D
50 shades of Larry (Larry TØP and 1D
Louis Tomlinson works for Harry Styles at a concert venue. Not many shows are held there since its a very small venue. When there aren't any concerts or shows then whoev...
Adopted By One Direction [Completed] by Run-And-Survive
Adopted By One Direction [ Stars
Or in which two girls are adopted by One Direction. [Re-wrote]
It Just Kind Of Happened by heylarrystylinson
It Just Kind Of Happenedby cayla
TRIGGER WARNING: DEPRESSION/ANXIETY Louis wasn't looking for love but he's fed up with Eleanor's games and when something drastic happens with the conserved, mystery bo...
Bubble  by lashtonSecs_
Bubble by -Larrystripper-
Louis' a autistic 17 year old who suffers from Hyperacusis: (also spelled hyperacousis) is a health condition characterized by an increased sensitivity to certain frequ...
rocks ➸ larry stylinson by uniquelyxlarry
rocks ➸ larry stylinsonby kayla marie
harry's an insomniac. louis likes to stay up all night. and what happens when late night adventures turn into kissing in the dark and holding hands in old coffee shops?