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168 HOURS (Larry Stylinson) by sonotemily
168 HOURS (Larry Stylinson)by sonotemily
"One hundred and sixty eight." "What?" "One hundred and sixty eight hours." "What's that?" "That's all the time I need to ge...
My Boyfriend is a Popstar (L.S.) by Larrylove2020
My Boyfriend is a Popstar (L.S.)by Larrylove2020
Harry Styles, Heartthrob for many teenage girls, around the world. Harry Styles, Perfect looking 18-year-old pop sensation. Louis Tomlinson, a 17-year-old student at...
Forbidden Love by ilovelarry25
Forbidden Loveby black cat
What happens when two princes meet at a wedding and start falling madly in love that's forbidden and changes everything.
My Girlfriends Brother (BoyxBoy) by n0tzoe
My Girlfriends Brother (BoyxBoy)by ♡ zöe ♡
Louis had been dating his girlfriend, Cali, for about 3 months now. Louis finally goes to his girlfriends house to have dinner and is introduced to Cali's "bad boy...
As Long as You Need Me (Larry Stylinson~) by MAANGAS
As Long as You Need Me (Larry MAANGAS
Larry Stylinson AU!! Harry Styles is extremely rich, he gets the girls, the perks and the luxury of the VIP.....though that is mostly because of his parents who were an...
All About Us (Larry Stylinson) by LHStylinson
All About Us (Larry Stylinson)by LHStylinson
When Harry and Louis' teenage daughter bring a boy home for the first time to meet them Louis tries to act as the protective father and Harry just wants everyone to be h...
17 Black by larrys_fedora
17 Blackby bella
When sassy, stubborn high school football star Louis Tomlinson meets the new hard-ass team coach, Harry Styles, a heated rivalry sparks between the two and it is evident...
Don't Change Me  by Sharyn28
Don't Change Me by Sharyn28
Once in every 50 years, the moon shines brightly over the town of Holmes Chapel for 24 hours. The moment it turns red, any alpha pack leader becomes incredibly and outra...
finding louis ✈ larry stylinson  by larrywho
finding louis ✈ larry stylinson by eddie
❝you're louis?❞ ❝and you're harry?❞ ❝yeah.❞ ❝I don't know about you harry but, I think we're soulmates.❞ »»»»»» or an au where harry is born with his soulmate's name on...
Little Things • A Larry Stylinson Social Media Story Part 2 • by princesspark2006
Little Things • A Larry 💙💚
This story is a continuation of 'Habit' and therefore takes place in late 2018 but please note that all facts are not up to date with real life events as it's all for fu...
you left me ~ larry by afinelineofwalls
you left me ~ larryby afinelineofwalls
Harry couldn't imagine his first day at university going any worse. Then he sees him... Louis Tomlinson •This story is complete highest ranking #1 larrystylinson
Catfish [l.s] (boyxboy) by amourlouis
Catfish [l.s] (boyxboy)by amourlouis
highest ranks: #38 fanfic / 8.26.15 #138 teenfic / 8.30.14 (find the series, which is being edited and re-posted, on ao3. my username is amourlouis.) In which Louis pret...
larry stylinson one shots by sstyl3s
larry stylinson one shotsby ♡.
(mostly) sad one shots but with happy endings. a lot of these will be triggering but i'll put a 'tw' if so.
Somewhere Only We Know (l.s) by Sofie_tomlinson28
Somewhere Only We Know (l.s)by Sofie
The year is 1975. Louis Tomlinson is ready to finally move away from Doncaster and out into the world, but he does intend to spend one last summer at home before leaving...
Escaping - Larry Stylinson (rewriting) by imadarklarry
Escaping - Larry Stylinson ( Anne
Harry had always been close with his mum. But when she starts to date a homophobic maniac, Harry's life is forever changed. His forbidden love for Louis has both lovers...
This Static Gets Old (smut)(Larry) by AVeryLarryStylinsmut
This Static Gets Old (smut)(Larry)by Kay
Harry is staying in his vacation home for the summer. Louis is his pool boy.
Kidnapped ~Larry Stylinson~ by Larrys_Love_Child_
Kidnapped ~Larry Stylinson~by Larrys_Love_Child_
Louis Tomlinson. He was known to be a thief. He had never been caught. He always got away. Until he broke into the Styles' home. He didn't think anyone was home. He wa...
I Love You Two >>boyxboy SEQUEL by secludedlwt
I Love You Two >>boyxboy SEQUELby :)
***ON HOLD/SLOW UPDATES*** "Stop crying, it's 4am and I've given you everything!" Louis groaned. "Louis she's three months old she can't respond, babe.&qu...
It all happened, because of a kiss  by satellitedreamer
It all happened, because of a kiss by satellitedreamer
My name is Harry Styles and im in love with Louis Tomlinson ... Harry has been in love with louis since "the kiss" happened at the age of 13 ... but didnt go...
Lost Love by ilovelarry25
Lost Loveby black cat
Louis Tomlinson got in a horrible car crash leaving him in a coma. He doesn't remember his career, friends, family, and most importantly his love. Will Louis ever get h...