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It's Me - Pick Me/ S2P101/ KPOP by KangDaniellee
It's Me - Pick Me/ S2P101/ KPOPby KangDaniellee
Follow Chen JaeHyun, a 17 year old boy's journey from training to debut and beyond.
BABY GIRL. WANNA ONE by _butterflyhearts
what if PRODUCE 101 S2 HAD A TWIST? what if there was a girl in WANNA ONE? WANNA ONE X READER ( KWON AERI)
Soulmates || TXT Beomgyu [✓] by Sunlight_Shine1234
Soulmates || TXT Beomgyu [✓]by Secret
It is said that once you reach the age of 18 you will eventually find your soulmate. But if your soulmate dies you will die in the same way even if you are far away from...
BEAUTIFUL. W1 by _butterflyhearts
BEAUTIFUL. W1by Sharpie
In which a girl has eleven mates. Wanna One Fan Fiction. VAMPIRE AU.
BTS only sister || What more could it be? by _minjishiiii_
BTS only sister || What more Min Ji
BTS only sister it's not only full of happiness there's much more to that OLD TITLE: BTS as Your Brother NEW TITLE:BTS only sister || What more could it be? Updated and...
✔ WUL #1 Teaching Assistant feat. Hwang Minhyun by kangtaehee1998
✔ WUL #1 Teaching Assistant Kang Taehee
Wanna One University Live Series Volume 1 - WUL #1 Book 1 : Wanna One College Life Series - Teaching Assistant (Completed) Book 2 : Minhyun's Marriage Life (Completed)...
Wanna One Imagines by prince_jeno
Wanna One Imaginesby chengcheng
wanna one imagines
seat no. 38 ⌮ lai guanlin by DIORTYUN
seat no. 38 ⌮ lai guanlinby 🦢
❝Try asking her about seat number thirty-eight. Bet she won't tell you anything.❞ [ Completed ] © DIORTYUN Started: July 21, 2017 Completed: Dec 22, 2017 ______________...
WANNAVELVET Fakestagram ✔ by plavulaaa
WANNAVELVET Fakestagram ✔by JY
[COMPLETED ✔] WANNA ONE & Red Velvet on Instagram. Pairing? Sibling? And many more.. 《started 28/07/2017 ended 13/12/17》
messages || wanna one by luvingyou2
messages || wanna oneby someone !
-where a boy accidentally message the wrong number... Warning ⚠️ - language Started- August 2, 2018 Ended- August 10, 2019 ©luvingyou2
Guide on becoming a Kpop Idol by khtrn_bianca
Guide on becoming a Kpop Idolby bianca
Based through researches and non-existent experiences | tips from idols, trainees, and trainers (produce 101, idol school, reality shows, variety shows, vlogs)
twitter | lai guanlin by jungsmo
twitter | lai guanlinby w
lai guanlin just find her twitter @ cool lmao - lower letters intended © enegertic - started: 15/05/17
flight no. 37 ⌮ lai guanlin by DIORTYUN
flight no. 37 ⌮ lai guanlinby 🦢
❝You know, I start to love you even more as each day goes by.❞ {Seat No. 38 Sequel} © DIORTYUN Started: Dec 22, 2017 Completed: March 9, 2018 _____________________ Wanna...
Housemate || Lai Guanlin ✔️ by LynAd02
Housemate || Lai Guanlin ✔️by Lyn Ad
He leaned in to my ear as he whispered, "Hey, why are your cheeks so red?" Embarrassment took over me when the sexiness of his voice spreading into my ears. T...
Wink Girl ✔ || Wanna One || by _SavageNoona_
Wink Girl ✔ || Wanna One ||by I Have No Life 🙌
"Park Jihoon is.... A GIRL?!" A day before produce 101, Park Jihoon mysteriously goes missing, leaving his twin sister Jihyo no choice but to pretend to be...
[EDITING] Stay With Me | Lai Guanlin by sofyabaobei
[EDITING] Stay With Me | Lai yaya
WARNING : PLAGIARISM IS A CRIME 🚫 "Shut up you bitch!" "Shut up! I'm not a bitch you hoe!" "Ergh! Why do I keep chatting with you?" "...
PRODUCE 48 by imstdann13
PRODUCE 48by d a n i k
ALL ABOUT PRODUCE 48 HERE!! 1.Profile Biodata Contestant 2.Rangking 3.Rumor 4.Etc 💟ENGLISH AND BAHASA LANGUAGE!!!💟 ©imstdann13
✔ WUL #3 Roleplayer feat. Guanlin ➖ Jennie ➖ Minhyun by kangtaehee1998
✔ WUL #3 Roleplayer feat. Kang Taehee
Wanna One University Life Series Volume 3 - WUL #3 Kalo saja seorang EXO-L tidak membuat Jennie menjadi seorang fangirl, semua ini tidak akan terjadi. Semua masalah ini...
sent | wanna one by -softbae
sent | wanna oneby cн-erι colα
❝send nudes pls :^)❞ ❝n00ds?❞ ❝ yep :^))❞ *sends noodles* in which a girl sends a message... to the wrong person #4 fanfiction | july-10-2018 started: march 14th 2018 fi...
「 trace || park jihoon 」 by asstramist
「 trace || park jihoon 」by mist; semi-hiatus
❝ we can never be the way we used to be. ❞ but her heart never fails to think otherwise... ❥ first in ‹ never › series ❥ lower case intended ❥ semi epistolary © asstrami...