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Death Note. (L x Reader x Light) by LinkThePokemon
Death Note. (L x Reader x Light)by LinkThePokemon
I do not own Death Note, the characters or you. I do not own the Naruto, Black Butler or any other anime's I may have made references to. I only own Shizuka and I think...
Who Said Death Was Easy? [Death Note Fanfiction] by thatonekawaiigirl13
Who Said Death Was Easy? [Death No...by Stephanie
It was only a kiss. Keiko never expected to get involved with Light Yagami and the Kira investigation. Fate, however, had other plans. Warning: Slow burn & feels. LxocxL...
From The In-Between  by _Misery_
From The In-Between by Kitto
too much power can lead someone to devour themselves, just as Yagami Light did. in his eyes though, he was justice and nothing would foil his plans, not even his former...
Death Note X Reader by Random_Fate
Death Note X Readerby TafuTayto
Compilation of one-shot death note stories.
L x Reader Come to Bed by Lunalella
L x Reader Come to Bedby Lunalella
The reader has to persuade L to go to sleep.
Death Love by Silencing_Shadows
Death Loveby Silence
Everyone knows about kira. L and Light have a "perfect" plan to catch each other. Or so they thought. Watari's nephew and neices move to Japan from America. An...
L: Find a GirLfriend by Ramona3x3
L: Find a GirLfriendby Ramona3x3
"In the dream, we were in the middle of the ocean during the earlier parts of a sunset. The water had wavelets skipping it's surface, reflecting the new pinkness of...
Nothingness by BetaniLouiza
Nothingnessby BetaniLouiza
Eventually, all people will die. Instead of the concept of heaven or hell, people will instead go to nothingness (MU). Lives are carelessly wasted on the search for Kir...
Kian's sister {an o2l fanfiction} by breanna_carty
Kian's sister {an o2l fanfiction}by breanna_carty
Kian's younger sister gets out of school for the summer. Kian invites her to stay with him and the rest of o2l for the summer. But little did he think jc would have a cr...
Rainy Revelations (Or Rainy Realizations) by Soundscream
Rainy Revelations (Or Rainy Realiz...by Soundscream
L sighed, pausing from where he was kneeling in front of Li- Kira's feet. It was all hitting him now- the reality of it all. This wasn't a game anymore. He was going to...
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100 Themes Challenge: Reader Inserts by Blackfang-124
100 Themes Challenge: Reader Inser...by BlackFang-124
A series of reader inserts from various fandoms all written on a little theme.
Lola x L (loliet) by Tessieful
Lola x L (loliet)by theresa
a love story between lola and l : this pack includes - backfill on how you met - chasing kira down and winning! - marriage - cute couple scenes with no nsfw, just wholes...
Death Note: Halo's Story by Strange-Emo
Death Note: Halo's Storyby Just a Random Emo
Halo is teenage girl of the human species who attends Wammy's house. She is friends with Matt and Mello and enemies with Near. The first few chapters are about her and h...
She Who Stands in the Way by KiraKiraMisaMisa
She Who Stands in the Wayby KiraKiraMisaMisa
Lianna Yuri Lawski is known to the world as Lilly Shibuya or LLL(Triple L) the Greatest Detective in Japan. Shes also Ryuzaki's older sister. When they were little they...
What if a 17 year old teenage girl, Yuuki Aburame gets hold of a shinigami's death note? With a strong sense of justice, she pledges to clean the rotting world. Will she...