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Behind the Door ➳OHSHC [#Wattys2015] by AsiyaHiya
Behind the Door ➳OHSHC [ Asiya ☾Hiya☽ Kageyama
❝ One, looks that attract the public eye. Two, undaunted wealth. Three, the chivalry that cannot overlook the hideous wickedness of the world. We, the Ouran Host Club, w...
The Hopeless Pianist (OHSHC fanfiction) by Silver__Doors
The Hopeless Pianist (OHSHC Silver__Doors
Irene: 16 years and three months old, the introverted daughter of a man who made his fortune out of his home-grown orchestra. Irene grew up playing piano, groomed to eve...
Break Apart The Order [Kyoya Ootori] by Etanes
Break Apart The Order [Kyoya Etanes
NEW VERSION OF BREAK PART THE ORDER! --- "Are you going to continue denying what's between us?" "What is there, Kyoya?" --- It's one thing to learn...
•Fading Into Blackness• {KyoyaxOC OHSHC}(On Hold) by AttackOnMH
•Fading Into Blackness• { トレーシー
Onyx Fooraa is a what people back at her old school in America would call "The Rebellious Goth Bad Girl"and "The Outcast",but on the contrary she is...
Let Me Show You by gotbabytuna
Let Me Show Youby 🍣Haruhi Fujioka🍣
Athena Akira disappears out of now where. Her fiancée, Kyoya Ootori, is left searching and searching for her, but there is no hope. Not so long ago a girl similar to the...