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Rengoku x tanjirou  by Idostuff9876
Rengoku x tanjirou by Idontknowwhattoput
Tanjirou is a troublemaker in his school and somehow always succeeds to break the rules, Rengoku is part of the student council and tries to stop tanjirou
Luz de esperanza ( Kyotan) by loremar96
Luz de esperanza ( Kyotan)by Guerrera de Fuego
Sinopsis: Muzan ha sido derrotado pero a un alto coste de vidas. -Basado en después del capítulo 200 del manga por lo que hay algunos spoilers al principio , la única d...
Dance With Me|Iwaoi and other ships by peachesandplums14
Dance With Me|Iwaoi and other shipsby Peaches and Plums
⚠️homophobia and anxiety⚠️ ⭐️NOT MY ART⭐️ IWAOI YAY Angst|fluff Oikawa has been trying to get over his devastating lost last season. Walking on the stage has been harder...
Survival of the fittest (kyojuroxtanjiro) by Idostuff9876
Survival of the fittest ( Idontknowwhattoput
The demon slayer corps is strong, peaceful and calm, until The master goes insane and demands a hunger games tournament to begin...