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simon says | nct by rainyhao
simon says | nctby k a t
simon says better dont lose this game :) Ships: MarkHyuck JaeYong NoRenMin ChenSung LuWoo JohnTen XiaoYang KunDery YuWin DoIl !mention of violence, crimes and 18+ scenes...
I will always be here (KunDery) os! by crackhead_sunflower
I will always be here (KunDery) os!by crackhead_sunflower
//Qian Kun; a boy dying from terminal brain disease Wong Hendery; a boy dying from terminal heart disease//
Exposed by Kcymmi
Exposedby Kcymmi
NCT a famous male kpop group has many supportive fans who vote for them and help them win awards however NCT doesn't know about the... darker side of their fans rated R...
It started with a Game by hoyaaa_
It started with a Gameby mwohaseyo?
Everything started with a Video game... "Y'all suck at that game" "That's not fair he's only cheating. What a cheater!" "Hey! Don't you dare try...