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This Life by lifeshandful
This Lifeby lifeshandful
Getting out but staying in changes two lives...
One Rule by Real0rN0tReal
One Ruleby Real0rN0tReal
There was always one rule. Only one. Don't get involved with a Son. That rule didn't seem to matter when Diana Morrow met Herman Kozik during her time up in Washington...
Sons Of Anarchy [Collection] by Redwoodoriginal1st9
Sons Of Anarchy [Collection]by Redwoodoriginal1st9
This is just a collection of one shots/Drabbles that revolve around SOA. Will update as I go.
Sons of Anarchy - Fan Fic Requests - Special Characters by OnceQwerty
Sons of Anarchy - Fan Fic Requests...by OnceQwerty
This book is and will be made up of mini-stories requested from readers. What separates it from the Son x Reader one-shots is that a specific character (rather than a 'r...
A Killer Kind of Love- Happy Lowman fanfic by MommaReaper
A Killer Kind of Love- Happy Lowma...by Bre Nicole
Nikkie Ann Teller is Jax Teller's twin sister. Coming home from her fun in L.A. she finds that the guys have patched over a certain killer. One she thought would always...
Sons of Anarchy - Reader x Son Fan Fic by OnceQwerty
Sons of Anarchy - Reader x Son Fan...by OnceQwerty
A Reader x Son collection of one shots. Many will be fluff, some may be mature. I'm always open to requests. Happy reading! Thanks to @wonderfooler for the cover!
Her. by hyruleprincessx
Her.by hyruleprincessx
"There are half a dozen girls in this club house and you just HAD to pick that one." featuring Tig Trager and Herman Kozik + OC Vanna was like a daughter to Ti...
Sons of Anarchy Preference by cheryl_greenlaw
Sons of Anarchy Preferenceby cheryl_greenlaw
the title says it all the character in this will be *Jax *Chibs *Tig *Happy *Kozik *Opie
Charming is Calling. by katIJ2006
Charming is Calling.by katIJ2006
Lucy Trager had planned on breezing back into Charming for 2 days to simply tell her dad about her recent visit from the ATF but after ten years of silence she really sh...
Time changes everything // SOA fanfic by Jadenina1995
Time changes everything // SOA fan...by Jadenina1995
Being the sister of a porn star is hard what's worse is being the estranged wife of the man nicknamed 'killer' Or Returning home for your...
A Lowman's hidden secret by EmilyJC2003
A Lowman's hidden secretby Emily Carpenter
Harper Kozik ran away from home at the age of thirteen, she didn't want happy to know about her's and Herman's relationship so she left to keep it a secret or so happy t...
Sons of Anarchy Preferences by Erica_Torraz
Sons of Anarchy Preferencesby Erica Torraz
-Jax Teller -Opie Winston -Tig Trager -Chibs Telford -Happy Lowman -Juan "Juice" Ortiz -Kip "Half-Sack" Epps -Bobby Munson -Wendy Case -Tara Knowles...
Whiskey, Cigarettes and Sex. by some_freak
Whiskey, Cigarettes and Sex.by emma brooks
This is my first Fanfiction. I'll soon have more. I really hope you guys enjoy this so far. I'll have author nights probably at the end of each chapter. Don't forget to...
The Second Rule by Real0rN0tReal
The Second Ruleby Real0rN0tReal
It's been seven years since Herman Kozik died, stepping on a land mine. His last words to his wife were a wish that she would be happy and be well. In that time, Diana h...
Sons Of Anarchy One Shots by lifeshandful
Sons Of Anarchy One Shotsby lifeshandful
A collection of one shots.
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Welcome Back by BigBirdsBigBum
Welcome Backby Bella
It was hard leaving Charming, but I get it Jax doesn't need me any more. I left Charming two years ago, and haven't seen Jax since. So hears what happens my brother Kozi...
Sons Of Anarchy One Shots by jawaring
Sons Of Anarchy One Shotsby jawaring
Collections of SOA one shots and imagines
The Letter by AnneValkyria
The Letterby Anne Valkyria
Summary: One was the reason he was still alive, the other, his reason for living. He gave up everything, so she wouldn't have to. Pairing: Herman Kozik and Fawn Trager S...
It's the Ladies Turn by TheBandLadies
It's the Ladies Turnby The Band Ladies
There was a secret project among the original members of SoA. A female devision too protect their wives and for their wives too have a sense of belonging. Lost for year...