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A different kind of Rose (Kurama x OC) by InariKiri
A different kind of Rose (Kurama x...by InariKiri
Rosa is a spirit detective just doing her job, but what will she do when she finds out about a schoolmate's secret? Will she turn her back on their newfound friendship a...
Living beyond life (Kurama x OC) by InariKiri
Living beyond life (Kurama x OC)by InariKiri
There is more between life and death. This grey area is where May operates, has been for a long time. She knows what she's doing, well, at least she used to. When a dem...
Eternity by rain0205
Eternityby rain0205
"Wolves mate for life. I love you Youko Kurama." "I love you Moriko Chie. I will come and find you, be sure of it," He calls to her body, the blood f...
The Last Dragon...||Hiei X Reader by Sky8Zoldyck
The Last Dragon...||Hiei X Readerby Sky-chan
You are the last dragon demon, your past filled with memories haunting you as you stay in human world. You are found and asked to accompany the Spirit Detective and othe...
Yu Yu Hakusho ships  by LivCipher2
Yu Yu Hakusho ships by livcipher
Read if you want :) Dunno if anybody ever did it, and I just felt like I had to talk about them (and I will keep writing about it even if it get no views)
[YYH IMAGINE] Sick by baconswims
[YYH IMAGINE] Sickby 뱁새
Imagine this: You and your team, Team Urameshi, have just completed a round in the Dark Tournament. Though, instead of celebrating, you are in your hotel room, laying in...
Honey Garden by FlitzerJ
Honey Gardenby Flitzer J.
"My skin itself is an armor. My blood could never be spilled, regardless of what you do to me." "And yet, pain greets you like a friend." | kurama...
Kurama's daughter  by kuramaslover123
Kurama's daughter by Yuzuru hanyu 😍😍😍
Yu yu hakusho Kurama part of team urameshi when he was about to go home he found a one day old baby on his door woth no parents what will he do ?
The Cause and The Effect { A Yu Yu Hakusho Love Story } by fromserenity
The Cause and The Effect { A Yu Yu...by aecha
What if there's someone behind every mission Yusuke and the gang are solving? What if they showed up and got involved? Who are they? {{ HieiOC & KuramaOC }} {{collabora...
YuYu Hakusho Beyond! by Refi-chan
YuYu Hakusho Beyond!by Tiggerola
Life goes on, but it is not always "happily ever after." New adventures await the YuYu Hakusho gang as they start new lives...as adults! Yusuke is a daddy! Kur...
Yu Yu Hakusho: A New Spirit Detective by Dobledanger
Yu Yu Hakusho: A New Spirit Detect...by Dobledanger
10 years have passed since the 1st Demon Tournament. Despite the positive changes in the world, Koenma has been pressured by his father into hiring a new spirit detectiv...
Yu Yu Hakusho! The Next Generation! by noshiThesushiroll
Yu Yu Hakusho! The Next Generation!by kurama fanpage
This is just some silly YYH concept I made up while re-watching the show, again Yu Yu Hakusho and its characters do not belong to me! What if the great team Yusuke Uram...
Part of Their World: A Yu Yu Hakusho fanfic by Ammara4897
Part of Their World: A Yu Yu Hakus...by Ammara Kuwabara
On the way to their choir class...Ammara Kai, Katarina Kagura, and Wristasia ( Stasia for short) Kimaru begin talking about the recent episode of their favorite anime, Y...
Team Defenders by CartoonNetwork90sfan
Team Defendersby Cathleen Ross
When Lincoln, Lori, Luna, Lynn, Lucy and Lana read about their role models the famous spirit detectives Team Urameshi, they wished they could be just like them they do...
Yu Yu Hakusho drabbles  by henrylovesfog
Yu Yu Hakusho drabbles by Henry
I write Yu Yu Hakusho drabbles. Also available on tumblr at slytherinsouldetective. requests are welcome
A Choice to be Made - A Yu Yu Hakusho Fanfiction by chubbydumpling21
A Choice to be Made - A Yu Yu Haku...by Hyunji Kwon
We have been preparing for this our whole lives. Our childhood, our lives were stolen by these creatures. Oh how we despise them. We only want them pummeled into the gro...
To Protect, To Love by zeldawn
To Protect, To Loveby Hazel Dawn Pelayre Ouano
Botan is pregnant and Kurama was assigned to guard and protect her, as Koenma ordered. Will he do this as ordered and Botan's friend or will Kurama discover something mo...