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Dangerous Stripper by juanseok
Dangerous Stripperby yeh..
Yoongi is a broke ass stripper. Jungkook is a horny ass ceo with a secret... a biG ASS secret he is also kinky af btw. mafia au '̿'\̵͇̿̿\з=( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)=ε/̵͇̿̿/'̿̿...
Becoming Baby by babymunro
Becoming Babyby babymunro
A naive young college student finds her calling in the ABDL lifestyle. Warning! This is a work of pure fantasy. If you are easily offended by some of the themes you see...
HYGIENIC >Jinkook<[COMPLETED] by b0770mk00k13
HYGIENIC >Jinkook<[COMPLETED]by kookass
"What did I say about messing my bed? Huh slut?" Jin was a person that loved everything around him clean and found himself falling in love with a bunny guy tha...
btsx male reader smuts by cclima123
btsx male reader smutsby
Bish this is just a whole gay book if you don't like it don't read it it's very simple come on now And please don't report me I worked so hard on this "Why are yo...
His Chocolate Luna (BWWM) by chocolatebby01
His Chocolate Luna (BWWM)by chocolatebby01
(updats every Thursday !) maria is a funny , smart , pretty african american girl who doesn't give a care about what people thinks of her considering she's gonna be the...
Pennywise and Luca by simschristina8709
Pennywise and Lucaby Silvermist220087
♥️♦️♣️♠️🃏🔞🏳️‍🌈🤡💋🍆 2016 Pennywise suffered a hefty defeat when he had his heart rip out by the Losers. It took three years for him to fully heal but has a scar as...
Septiplier/Antiseptiplier One-Shots by HanahakiAnti
Septiplier/Antiseptiplier One-Shotsby 💫IᑎᐯᗩᗪEᖇ ᘔIᗰ💫
Tons of Antispetiplier and Septiplier smuts! Just a bunch of one-shots that popped into my head late at night. I also take suggestions! There will be mostly bottom!Jack...
•5 x Reader•TUA• by emuuuuuuuuuuu
•5 x Reader•TUA•by emuuuuuuuuuuu
imma do one-shots cause im not very good with long stories, also uhm... my young childrens out there... DONT FUCKING READ THIS- MY HORMONAL ASS TEEN SELF CANT FUCK SO HE...
SSBU Birthday Scenarios/Would You Rather/Zodiac Signs by TiredAndDeadInside
SSBU Birthday Scenarios/Would Tea_Is_My_Drug
I wanted to do a book like this because there isn't much of these so why not?
stepbrother✿muke by stephenunvrs
stepbrother✿mukeby Yanne
"This is not punk rock" He pouts but his eyes say something different like they always do. I grin then play with my lip ring as I walk towards him, "So? W...
Smutt Chapters by HarleyLagoon14
Smutt Chaptersby Hars
Smutt Tales from different fandoms and/or some of my own ocs with or without others'. ;> Keep in mind: A majority of this shit, I've learned from roleplaying in a gro...
Soukoku- A Wistful Covenant by helloilikebnhaships
Soukoku- A Wistful Covenantby Lio’s_thicc_ass
Chuuya was fine with living alone, he liked the comfort of his home and he was okay with being messy. His feelings often bested him and the case in which he was to train...
Short dirty stories(Michael♥️Jackson) Request Open by JenniferGreen174
Short dirty stories(Michael♥️ Jennifer Green
Michael getting in some pretty nasty stuff with his girl in all types of ways next it should be places. 😝😜
⚠Top Katsuki Bakugo One Shots⚠ by happyklown
⚠Top Katsuki Bakugo One Shots⚠by happyklown
⚠smut⚠ ⚠18+⚠ Bakugo will be the one doing the fucking
Creepypasta Gang Bang by LucasAlter
Creepypasta Gang Bangby L u k e !
Let's just say... -Lemon -Smut -Fluff -Kinky -Furry And much, much more -Message me if you want a ship done, what ship, what kind. -The list above isn't...
game for two ╼ jaeyong by jaeistic
game for two ╼ jaeyongby ⑈␟
in which the fuckboy tries to get with the new student but he isn't as innocent as he seems. ╼ jaeyong cc @ killsvill