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Lazy Days by semereaderstuff
Lazy Daysby Rᴇᴍɪ
- Seme!Male!Reader x Iida Tenya - - KINDERGARTEN AU - Being a kindergarten teacher sure is hard work. Iida Tenya knew this job wouldn't be so easy like any other workpla...
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[✓] autism kid | kim yugyeom  by mooksmi
[✓] autism kid | kim yugyeom by swedish fish
ᴀᴜᴛɪsᴍ /ˈɔːtɪz(ə)m/ n̶o̶u̶n̶ children with autism have trouble communicating. they have trouble understanding what other people think and feel. this makes it very hard f...
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Swap Kindergarten by rp_lock
Swap Kindergartenby >:3
A kindergarten au
Separation doesn't stop us! 🌸 Soukoku  by flowiepot
Separation doesn't stop us! 🌸 🌟Bungou Gay Dogs 🌸
In Bungou Kindergarten for Stray Orphans, which also has an Orphanage at the side of the Kindergarten Building, 3 separated classes accompanied with 3 adults that serve...
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Promise?《LAMS/School AU》 by turtlboi
Promise?《LAMS/School AU》by Turtlboi :)
Kindergarten and College. And EVERYTHING in between. Buckle up, it's going to be a long one. Oh and there's will see...
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Bumblebee  by I_cant_dig_elvis
Bumblebee by Me
A kindergarten au for most of it, but then they grow up, there will be a little elementary and middle school, some high school, and then some when they're in their early...
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Random Stuff by SparklyMagix
Random Stuffby SparklyMagix
To me, this is a cross between a random book and a one-shots book. Soooo... yeah. Deal with it.
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kindergarten crush | kth + jhs by fairyguk
kindergarten crush | kth + jhsby kes.
hoseok was his name! although it should've been 'angel' taehyung often thought bcus he had never seen an ethereal being so beautiful before... which might've been bcus...
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Mr. Sunshine [HideKane] by _Syph_
Mr. Sunshine [HideKane]by Kaneki-is-Edgy
"Come on, Onii-chan! We're gonna be late..!" Kaneki sighed, rolling his eyes in dramatic amusement. "Coming, Haise. Why are you so excited, it's just kind...
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