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RAPPORT | INFINITE Fanfiction  by Kim_Soo_Yeonnie
RAPPORT | INFINITE Fanfiction by Kim Sooyeon
The simple four letter word that brings smile on every human is 'LOVE.' Don't believe in me? Well then......"I LOVE YOU!!" See I toldya!!! I got you smiling...
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The Reunion by hanyooreum
The Reunionby Yooreum Han
[Book 5 of Vampire Series] "Goodbye hurts when the story isn't finished and the book has been closed." "The two hardest things to say in life are hello fo...
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Just a place to reminiscent the INFINITE-INSPIRIT moments happening!!!!!!!
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Would You Like To Come Over To Me? by SWHFantasy
Would You Like To Come Over To Me?by S O N Y
How life of Kim Hyunji turns out when she runs away from home to escape from her mother's chains, but she ends up in the hands of thugs as soon as she leaves home? Will...
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Existence by summerxblessings
Existenceby W
{AU} One forgets while the other remembers. Kim Sunggyu can attest to the fact that it's harder to be the one that remembered. It's harder to be the one that's been le...
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Good Intentions with Disastrous Results by summerxblessings
Good Intentions with Disastrous W
{AU} Woohyun and Sunggyu are good friends, single since forever after a few failed relationships, though not for a lack of trying. Woohyun tries to help Sunggyu with cha...
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VAMPIRE FLOWER | INFINITE Fanfiction  by Kim_Soo_Yeonnie
~If only you are here,this is paradise. A paradise where I retained you against your will. A paradise where you can't escape from. A paradise where we can be together...
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She's so high [K.S.G] by kimsxze
She's so high [K.S.G]by Seze-chan✿
Kim Sunggyu lleva bastante tiempo enamorado de su crush eterno Park Jaylin. Pero es medio bobo y bastante lento, lastima que su mejor amigo Woohyun no lo sea. -¿Paso alg...
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Dream Catchers || Nam Woohyun Imagines ✔ by SWHFantasy
Dream Catchers || Nam Woohyun S O N Y
Short stories of INFINITE Nam Woohyun-- Featuring Infinite and his idol friends Copyright © Sony / SWHFantasy
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Alive [Woogyu] ~English ver. by HanMinseo_
Alive [Woogyu] ~English Han Minseo
Sunggyu met Woohyun when they were in high school. They became the best friends but there was a lot of things that Sunggyu could not tell his friend. Then, after an argu...
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Still I Remember Our 60 Seconds by Mixmix17
Still I Remember Our 60 Secondsby Mixmix
One shot~ Remember to grab your tissues ._. One year has 365 days or 525600 mins or 31536000 seconds. Human lives can be long, only to realise how painfully short that i...
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Just For You (Infinite Fanfic) by ToHeart_N
Just For You (Infinite Fanfic)by ToHeart_N
Jihyun is a normal girl who have been friend with a group of guys.And it is Kim Sunggyu,Nam Woohyun,Jang Dongwoo,Lee Howon,Lee Sungyeol,Kim Myungsoo and Lee Sungjong.Jih...
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Tom & Jerry  by Sikkiegummy
Tom & Jerry by Chae Yeon
မင္းေရာ ငါ့လိုပဲ ငါ့ကို ခ်စ္ေနတာလား ငါ့အခ်စ္ေတြကို မင္းျမင္ႏိုင္ေအာင္ျပမယ္ ငါ့ရ႕ဲတစ္ဖတ္သတ္အခ်စ္ကို အဆုံးသတ္ခ်င္ၿပီ ..... Kim Myung Soo (L) အရူး..... ငါခ်စ္ေနတာကို မ...
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How to Be An Inspirit:101 by eeeeysiiiii
How to Be An Inspirit:101by Andrea
Infiniteu is lifeu❤
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【 Woollim Project】From Inspirit To INFINITE by dearwoollimstan
【 Woollim Project】From Inspirit Dear, Woollim Stan
Cerita-cerita persembahan seluruh Inspirit untuk INFINITE yang disalurkan melalui event-event Woollim Project. Penasaran seperti apa saja keseruannya? Klik tombol 'baca'...
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You Are My Everything (NWH|| Infinite) ✔️ by SWHFantasy
You Are My Everything (NWH|| S O N Y
A promise she made to herself not to fall in love, that broke the second she saw him Woohyun: Do you believe in love at first sight? Sony: Yes, i do because i loved you...
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Secretly Loving You by holimoppo
Secretly Loving Youby Woolim
NC20++ Woogyu Gender Switch
Our Infinite (Mini-Chaptered) by via6777
Our Infinite (Mini-Chaptered)by Vhayna_Via
Infinite, Apa kalian mengenalnya? Boygroup yang berasal dari agensi yang tergolong kecil ini telah mampu menghipnotis jutaan pasang mata sejak pertama kali menyaksikan...
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