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Not Your Sasaeng || TAENNIE FF by miniChGu
Not Your Sasaeng || TAENNIE FFby 🍦ᏂᏗᎴᏝᏋᎩ ᎴᏒᎥᎷ🌙
Working as a sasaeng for Jennie's most hated boy group is definitely a tough job. Would she be able to do her job well without getting swayed by the seven gorgeous boys...
BOOK 2: SUNRISE(Blood and Growls Sequel)(COMPLETE) by diMcLouDs
BOOK 2: SUNRISE(Blood and Growls DimcLouds
This is a sequel of the book, Blood and Growls. This is the book 2 and continuation of the story of the first book. The second chance that was given to her, how will she...
Hold Me Tight by Taewonbangchin
Hold Me Tightby Taewonbangchin
"Hold me Tight, Hug me tight." - Kim Taehyung "I want to stay by you." -Kim Sojung "Even if I die, it's you." -Kim Taehyung "You are m...
My Tutor by HSB0603
My Tutorby ICE
Kim Sojung, the student who always ranks first get to tutor Hwang Eunbi, a student who always get a failing grade.
BOOK 3: BLOOM(Blood and Growls Sequel)(COMPLETE) by diMcLouDs
BOOK 3: BLOOM(Blood and Growls DimcLouds
The third book of the GFRIEND Trilogy. New faces. New villains. Unexpected turns of events. All of this you can expect in the third book. BOOK 1: Blood and Growls(COMPLE...
Extreme Marriage! ✔ by YourWishhhhh
Extreme Marriage! ✔by Tae Latte
Once You're Mine, You'll Forever Be Mine. - KTH × KSJ × LTY -
I Hate You in The Past but Not Now || UmB || GFRIEND by MingYuju_06
I Hate You in The Past but Not KkuChaen💖
SinB was a longest trainee at Source Music and will be debut in a group named GFRIEND.Everything was went well until a trainee that was only trained for short time and w...
"I gotta let you know that I need to let you go, ᴅᴇᴍᴏ ɴɪɢᴇɴᴀɪ Hard to say goodbye, but I can't run, ...
Glass Bead:SowJin by hansteaa
Glass Bead:SowJinby haihannan
Falling in love in the season of glass Sowon X Jin/BANGFRIENDSERIES1
1 Girl, 2 World [ Jiu x Yoohyeon ll JiYoo ] by MingYuju_06
1 Girl, 2 World [ Jiu x Yoohyeon KkuChaen💖
Yoohyeon and Minji has been friends since primary school but Minji didn't like Yoohyeon at all since Yoohyeon always making her annoyed and very clumsy person. Minji hat...
"The Bangtan Boys are in danger, and you girls are gonna become their bodyguards." "So like babysitters?" "Kinda like that." - "Don't...
Second Life | y.jh × by 16Kwon_Lia
Second Life | y.jh × k.sjby ❤권지은❤
Sowon from Hanlim High School and Jeonghan from Hyangnam High School suddenly gets pulled into a famous comic called "Lie Again" where the main boy character t...
My Pervert Stepbrother (TaehyungXSowon) by moardyluv__
My Pervert Stepbrother ( Choi Soo Jeon
"I'm horny....." "Don't touch me!!!!!We can't do this!!!" "Can't you see that I love you???!!!" "Y-you're Mafia?" "Dont you...
Loving You, Sowon Sunbae ( FIN ) by hime-ssi
Loving You, Sowon Sunbae ( FIN )by Hime-san
Kisah ini merupakan adaptasi dari komik Jepang berjudul Toshishita no Otokonoko. Sebuah kisah cinta ringan tentang seorang hoobae yg jatuh cinta dengan sunbae nya Cast :...
over him ; sowon ✔ by ttinb-
over him ; sowon ✔by ♡
inspired by summer rain's mv :) A story about a girl and a playboy. This book is about how the girl suffered the hard times when being together with the boy. She wrote...
-Pills-[Sowon] by XxKim-YeonxX
-Pills-[Sowon]by WONB STAN
The story is about : Sowon who had changed. she committed suicide by drowning, but was found by the police officers. but it didn't turn out great, when she woke up, she...
Here With You || KTH by borasuggR
Here With You || KTHby secretwintr
✔ (doneu) "Dah, aku boleh cuci sendiri." "Kau nak malu buat apa? Aku dah tengok lebih daripada ni." *smirk*
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7th member of gfriend by Ice_DreamZ
7th member of gfriendby Dreamyz
Park Mi Yeon is the new member of girl group,Gfriend. When she became the idol,she knew that she has to face many challenge like fan and love. Join her journey to become...
Forbidden by Taewonbangchin
Forbiddenby Taewonbangchin
This story talks about a forbidden destiny between a young princess called Sowon and a young man called Jungkook. When destiny collides, but fate forbids its desire, wha...
Reappearance by lovejoon
Reappearanceby s
How long a relationship is doesn't define the strength, if there's no loyalty and trust, it won't last long. "Is this the end of us?" The love life of Seokjin...