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False Truths (Kai X Reader) [COMPLETED)] by kpop_assassin
False Truths (Kai X Reader) [ Wannabe_Y/N
Y/N is a new soloist about to debut at S.M. Kai is a popular idol in the boy group EXO, under S.M. What happens when these two idols meet and gain feelings towards one a...
Say You Love Me || Kaisoo by KingFanficTrash
Say You Love Me || Kaisooby hey stob it
"..Hyung...Say You Love Me". Being suddenly confessed to, Do Kyungsoo, couldn't not believe it and took it as a joke. He, himself, a Guy benign confessed by an...
Unexpectedly, Engaged. (EXO- Park Chanyeol Fanfic) by yeoliely
Unexpectedly, Engaged. (EXO- L a d y E v e 💕
What will you do if out of no where you will be engaged to a man you don't even know and worst, it is the only choice you have? Oh Eun Soo is just another lady in town w...
SuperM Beginning and Bonding by taeyongcherri
SuperM Beginning and Bondingby taeyongcherri
The journey of SuperM's beginning was documented in hopes of them making history - but what happened between the boys when the camera's turned off? Will they bond like a...
IS IT TIME FOR ME TO GIVE UP? by shaniemies
how long could you wait for the person you love to love you back? are you willing to accept all the pain from her? from one and only jennie kim "if loving her was...
Bittersweet Story (One Shot) by foxholetopia
Bittersweet Story (One Shot)by S C Y
No one knows what is going to happen tomorrow. Life is a crazy ride. Nothing is guaranteed. ----- Any reproduction or other unauthorised use of the written work or art...
catching feelings ♡ sebaek by triplebaekhyun
catching feelings ♡ sebaekby ɴᴀɴᴀ
✵ Byun Baekhyun is an Instagram model, and is dating famous Youtuber, Park Chanyeol. ✵ Oh Sehun is a famous gaming Youtuber and runs a channel with his bestfriend, Park...
insanity // chanbaek & kaisoo by gtxuuu
insanity // chanbaek & kaisooby •̀ㅅ•́ 🌻
in which a doctor who was tired of living met a patient who gave him a second chance at love. "Who's the real patient here, Doctor Byun?"
beautiful tragic | chaennie ✓ by jenniesmfgucci
beautiful tragic | chaennie ✓by 珠洲
C O M P L E T E D ❝ we were a sad beautiful tragic. ❞ cover by yoongberry
Posesif; D.O [EXO] by bunny-young
Posesif; D.O [EXO]by Zetta
Pernah ga sih kalian ngerasain gimana rasanya punya atasan yang dingin, mukanya ditekuk terus, pelit senyum, dan perfeksionis? Itu yang gue rasain sekarang, punya bos ya...
A Part Of YOU❤️ by minyoongisuga12
A Part Of YOU❤️by minyoongisuga12
Meet Jaden. A boy in love. Married for three years. A boy who made major sacrifices for the guy that he loves. A guy that before he became famous no body wanted. Now tha...
Second Guessing (P.c.y x j.k) by SophisticatedHatred
Second Guessing (P.c.y x j.k)by HeadSpace
!Top Chae! Bottom Jen; Jennie Kim, The girl that had everything every girl could ever want. Roseanne Park, the girl that everyone wants to be. What happens when Their w...
Big Bad Wolf by HahuYeah
Big Bad Wolfby ‪ออฟกัน‬
Kim Jongin feeds on anyone beautiful. Do Kyungsoo is beyond perfect. Text copyright © 2016 by HahuYeah [Language: ENGLISH]
BLACKEXOSTAGRAM by ChannieChaengie
Blackpink x Exo series #1
Super Moon ( Completed ) by KimSeYeollie
Super Moon ( Completed )by Nay Chi Nway
အခုမွmate​ေတာင္​မရ​ေသးတဲ့Wolf ​ေပါက္​စ​ေလးကိုယ္​့က က​ေလး​ေတ်ာက္​ကိုဘယ္​လိုထိန္​း​ေက်ာင္​းရမွာလဲလို႔.... Oh Sehun အင္​့...
Someone you wasted❌💋 by ysabelabagadiong
Someone you wasted❌💋by ysabelabagadiong
Is where jennie is cheating on Lisa for how many months she's cheating with her Lisa's "Most Trusted Friend" which is kai🙄 Jennie: What if she find out??? Ka...
instagram  ⟶ by wifeu_of_chanyeol
instagram ⟶ p.cyby 𝐲𝐚𝐧
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catching feelings ♡ sebaek (2) by triplebaekhyun
catching feelings ♡ sebaek (2)by ɴᴀɴᴀ
✵ Byun Baekhyun is an Instagram model, and is dating famous Youtuber, Park Chanyeol. ✵ Oh Sehun is a famous gaming Youtuber and runs a channel with his bestfriend, Park...
Compañero. by Elena_avilan
Compañ emi~
JongIn; un hombre lobo hecho y derecho, totalmente unido a su manada y como todos en busca de su compañera o compañero de vida. Para el más que un cuento de hadas era un...